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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Technique Thursday- Knitting a Dishcloth for Beginners to Advanced Knitters

From the simple to more complex patterns for the beginner to advanced knitter (we all have dishes to do) these are lovely dishcloths to make the task easier and brighten our day. 

Also when assisting cooking classes we used dish cloths because they were more sanitary than a sponge.  When dirty just throw them in the wash.  From experience beware of garlic and fish- if you are cleaning up garlic or other very potent smells use old rags and discard.  I've added a garlic washcloth to my laundry- try underwear that smells of garlic!  Chefs like to mop up counters with cloths.  I growled at the next one who did that and I had a bag of old cloths under the sink just for that purpose.  I said: "Use the towel on garlic or fish and you get to take it home!"  He probably thought I was nuts!  (How to treat big huge important chefs like pussycats!)

Here's three simple patterns to start with if you are a beginner knitter-
The simplest one is only the Garter stitch with no fancy border, a very good place to start if you just began knitting.

The stripes are made by the variegated cotton yarn- so don't panic!

This needs a little more expertise following directions, but it is a Garter Stitch.

Here's a plain Knit pattern on the bias.

An experienced and daring beginner who wants to learn YO (or Yarn-over), knit 2 together and perhaps a bit of crocheting if you want the pretty border- all very good and useful skills.
                                                                   Grandmother's Favorite

For more advanced knitters-

A lovely scrubbing dish cloth.
                                                                Double Bump Dishcloth

 The April Showers Spa Cloth is a "pattern suitable for moderately experienced beginners." And the blog it's featured on is- Knittingwip.blogspot.

Another nubby design.

                                                                                           Kitchen Cotton Dish Cloth

Spa Cloths- ahhhh that just makes you want to indulge in a long soak.
                                                                           Spa Cloths


A really lovely bumpy creation- 
                                                                   Loganberry Dishcloth

A very interesting article changed my perception and approach to doing daily tasks- it's called Soji.  It's making cleaning almost like a meditative process- How to clean like a monk.  I recommend reading it.  Now when I clean the dishes I try to look out the window above and look at the lovely hillside right out my window with yucca and different grasses and sometimes a deer or two.  Look at the glint of sunlight coming through the window to shine on my dishes.  And from doing dishes sometimes hours on end for a Cooking class (Chefs make LOTS of dishes!) I've learned that there are rainbows found at the edges of glassware- and perhaps in life if we look for it.

Happy Dishwashing with your new cloths!

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