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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Reading & Knitting

This blog is for a Yarn Along started by another really cute blog called Small Things. Every Wednesday we are to post/blog/Instagram our knitting project du jour and what we are reading! Sounds so fun.  

My two favorite pastimes- reading and knitting. Put it together with a cup of tea and that's my definition of Nirvana! I used to just read a book. Then I started years ago crocheting those huge round afghans with Lion's Homespun yarn- not the bulky one. Lionbrand- Patterns-Kew Gardens Afghan It would take me months; but by the time I finished they were 6' round. I made about 6 of them- purple & blue, fall browns & oranges, blues and teal.

  Then a couple of years ago I visit a good friend back East who is an expert at knitting and I watched her do The Lucy Hat in a day. Ravelry-Lucy Hat.

 And I remember how much I loved knitting in college, so I started again, and I took off. This was it! I just found I loved the rhythm of creating something by knitting and then reading. My books lasted longer too- which was kind of nice. I didn't rush through books I loved and I got something accomplished in the meantime. I have found the more I love the item I'm knitting- the less I get reading done. At the end of the day I'd stare down and realized I had read maybe a handful of pages,

My current knitting project is Wool & The Gang's Fearless Cardigan Ravelry-Fearless Cardigan. Check out my previous blog- Lovelyyarnescapes- The Sumptuous Sexy Fearless Cardigan.

I'm also working on a prayer shawl for myself out of Lion's Homespun. Ravelry- The Original Prayer Shawl. I hope to get some Lion's Homespun in Blue Chunky this weekend to start a prayer shawl for my Mom- she's in a home for Alzheimer's and turning 80 this month. She loves the color blue and it should be comforting.


  1. I really like the colours in that afgan and as for the cardigan - I want to knit that!

  2. That afghan is amazing! Love it! The hat looks really cute too. :-)