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Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Fantasy Knits- Spring Shawl Parade

Today is Fantasy Friday- my most favorite day; not just because it's the end of the week, but because I'm prone to fantasies and dream personally. To me to dream is the first step in doing. If I can dream it, I can possibly do it. And this is with life itself. If I cannot conceive something in a dream first it rarely will come to pass in life also. So I dream. I know the Lord is good and I think he helps me achieve some of my dreams....Of course I'm the one who couldn't have children for over a decade and I dreamed, I hoped, I prayed and God is faithful. I have three children now. Two in College and one home. So for me big or small dreams can come true. 

So today I dream in color and light yarns.....

There might be snow on the ground here in Colorado and 2 days ago was a huge Blizzard, but I still dream of Spring and outside my window I can hear the Robins and Starlings have returned to sing their song. Don't you just love the sound of Spring? So while I try to warm my hands with a cup of tea, I dream of light Spring shawls and wraps and shawlettes to grace my shoulders for the warmer light filled months to come.

Stripy Spring Shawl

Color Affection

Spring Tide

Feel free to share your dream knits for the spring in the comments!
Happy Dreaming & Knitting.

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