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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Yarn Along While You Sip Tea and Eat Cinnamon Rolls

It's a very snowy day in Manitou Springs, Colorado today. I can see the snow blowing past the windows, pine trees swaying, the grasses blowing over and the yuccas spikes poking out of snow on the high hillside out my window.  

Emily going off to France with Bear

My son Jon leaves today to go back for college in Maine (his girl left last week for France with my son's old teddy bear- we're expecting pictures of the bear at the Eiffel Tower). That is if  he leaves, the airport is closed now because of this spring blizzard! When he leaves I will hopefully I will see him again when my daughter graduates in May from Middlebury, VT. My daughter stays with family back East and my son is an RA on campus and works for the campus carpenter when on breaks. So I miss them- and just hope for the day when I'll see them again. It was quite a treat for my son and girlfriend to surprise me by just walking in the door after flying in from Boston for his Spring break. I hadn't seen him for over a year. So saying goodbye is hard.

This past week I've been so focused on developing my knitting & baking blog that I've been remiss in getting any substantial reading done and I'm still knitting on Wool & The Gangs Fearless Cardigan.  I can tell when I haven't read as much as I usually do. It's my escape and place to stop and rest. I find peace there and I get a bit jagged feeling when I don't. That and my knitting gives me that inner calm when facing any personal storm. So I'm making that my personal goal for this coming week to make sure I stop and read and knit.

Mosey on over to my Baking Blog Sweet To Be- Amazing Cinnamon Rolls for a comprehensive how-to on baking fantastic Cinnamon Rolls. I worked years assisting cooking classes and I've learned a lot and picked up lots of tips and techniques. I'm a Bake-a-holic and I never bake as much as I'd like because I can't eat it! I'm also sugar sensitive. So I bake and give it to my family who are thin and nothing dents them.

 I do want to try and bake more of Chocolate Covered Katie's creations. She has an amazing site and I would recommend her heartily! She has developed lots of healthy, but wonderful tasting treats that don't smack in your face health food. I mean I am always trying to fool my family who are in the white flour and sugar crowd. Try her recipes out. She gives many options for sweeteners and flours. I would recommend Spelt Flour since that is an Ancient Whole Wheat Grain and it's healthier and not genetically messed with. Also White Whole Wheat is a good substitute for white flour and Chefs recommend only substituting half your white flour in a recipe. Her food tastes so good. 

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