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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Prayer Shawl

I'm starting a prayer shawl found at Shawlministry, and finding myself just blessed in the undertaking. It was a chance find- the site. And while reading up on them and the blessing you say over them, I decided to start one. 

I called my husband who drives a Senior Citizen bus and I knew he'd be at Walmart with them. So we picked out some yarn together over the phone from what was available at that store and I got Hometown yarn by Lion's Yarn. Not the usual yarn for this project being a super bulky and not a bulky yarn, so I wouldn't recommend it, but I am enjoying the stitch definition with it and I think it will be lovely and thick when done. I went back later and picked out a dark blue and white to go with the brilliant blue my hubby picked out and it makes a stunning combo.

Update- I now periodically work on my blue and white striped prayer shawl, but I wanted to make one for my Mom's birthday. She'll be 80 this month and while I'm having my doubts that I can complete it in time, I know I'll get it to her as soon as possible. I think the action of making it and praying for her gives me peace. I'd rather take my time and embrace the prayer. She has advanced Alzheimer's so she won't know it's late, but I hope the softness and the color blue (her favorite) will be soothing & warm. She's 2,000 miles away in New Jersey and it hurts I'm not there- but this blanket will be and a part of me will go with it. I pray for her PEACE. For her to have GRACE in the process of dying. My Mom knit- I knit because of her. 

This last weekend I got some more yarn at Jo-ann's. The only store that has a big selection (I worked that store for the season last Christmas). The yarn the pattern calls for is bulky and I should of gotten the regular Homespun, but I loved the feel of the Homespun Thick & Quick and I suspected it would make more of a blanket that was thick for my Mom. Be more texturally interesting and (hopefully) quicker. I also picked up some LONG #15 wooden needles, having found out this project is a bit crowded on the short needles. I've only just started and while the yarn is a little bit more fussy to work with than the other Hometown yarn- it is lovely and it will drape so nicely when done. I picked up a dark blue- Colonial- my Mom's favorite shade of blue. Her house had many blues on the walls like The Willow patterned dishes. 

I also grabbed a off-white called Dove (she was notorious for wearing plain white shirts over simple jeans- my Mom was a seamstress of beautiful Vogue patterns and looked always gorgeous even in jeans). To put me in the picture I picked a lighter teal called Waterfall to add Pop to the blanket/shawl and also to symbolically add me to the blanket (I love all blues- but I especially love darker blues mixed with caribbean blues).

Margaret McGuinness Denny

Prayer, Inspiration and Patterns for The Prayer Shawl:

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