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Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Fantasy on a Cold Colorado Day: I Dream of Cardigans

     It's a cold snowy day in Colorado so bear with me, I want to post my dreams of cardigans I'd like to do this year. I have a long list of possible projects queued up in Pinterest or in Ravelry under my Favorites; and I am quite aware that it would be humanly impossible to do all of them. But it's beautiful to look at them and dream. So here's some "Dreamscapes" that I hope to accomplish. Feel free to share your dreams of knitting or share your knitting blog of Knitting Adventures below with your "Friday Fantasys".

                           Hamlin Peak- Original Pattern w/Quince & Company Kestrel Linen


                                           Hamlin Peak in Rowan Pure Linen Sz 9 needle

                                                   Rachaellaves Pebble Hamlin Peak

                          Hamlin peak- Longer Version in Pebble Quince & Co Kestrel Linen

Enjoy your knitting dreams & may they all come true.

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