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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Wool & The Gang's Fearless Cardigan

This is a continuation of a previous post on this sweater- Lovely Yarn Escapes- The Sumptuous Sexy Fearless Cardigan. Due to rip outs and just life in general I seemed to have dragged a day project out for weeks. But I love doing it and for me learning to knit is a process (I've knitted since college days but I'm always learning!) and frogging it sometimes is a part of that- especially for a perfectionist like me. So I'm learning a lot with this project and my husband made me large #50 Maple circular needles for it and I've finally gotten used to using them, (A tutorial on how to make them will follow).

      The Fearless Cardigan by Wool & The Gang is described in  Ravelry- Fearless Cardigan as-
"... a cardigan with a twist: the Fearless Cardigan is knitted entirely sideways, from sleeve to sleeve in one piece! Knitted in our luscious Crazy Sexy Wool on large needles, the resulting fabric is soft, drapey, and warm enough even for the chilliest of days. The unique construction makes this an extra fun project."

 I've been enjoying the actual knitting of this project, but I got carried away with adjustments. (Previous post: Lovely Yarn Escapes- The Sumptuous Sexy Fearless Cardigan). I was trying to make it more like these photos and many Ravelry knitters mention how it's not as long when they make it and the sleeves are 3/4's and it doesn't meet in the middle (which is part of the design). I'd like it to meet in front to keep me warm, and I love long sleeves at least to the wrist and maybe a tad longer; it certainly can get cold here in Colorado. 

So I over adjusted and found when it resulted in a gorilla size that frogging was in order. So it has been torn down to the 17in. sleeve at 22 stitches (instead of 15" and about 17 rows) and here I go again. I want to have sleeves to the wrist and add enough to the back for an overall bigger fit. Ravelry- GGMadeIt makes the best adjustments and I'm using her as a guide. She adds 3 rows to the body- front and back for 13 rows.
Update- I ended up adding 15 rows to the body because my stitches are still a bit under gauge and I'd rather have it extra large to wrap myself in. The sleeves I worked 23 stitches.

  It's good I just love working with this wool,  it feels great in my hands and I'm determined the end result will be as perfect as this Crazy Sexy Wool deserves.

Friday, March 25- Finally finished with one side that I believe will be the right size. I love this yarn! And working with my handmade #50 circular needles is becoming a pleasure- they've darkened with use from the wool's natural oil. 


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