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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Technique Thursday- A Prayer Shawl for My Mom

This Thursday I'm just going to focus on my Mom's Prayer Shawl- A Prayer Shawl.  If you want to make one I'll include the pattern and special notes at the bottom.  If you are a beginner you'll find a great link to Tin Can Knits which will help you get started (and finish!).

The Prayer Shawl might be more like a blanket when I finish because I used Super Bulky instead of just bulky as the pattern calls for.  I picked out Super Bulky Homespun- Thick & Quick instead of the regular Homespun in just Bulky weight because the store offers more of a selection of colors in this and it looked so soft and had a nice spongy texture to it.  I also thought it might go up fast, but it would help if I actually worked on it.  Sometimes it's just hard to knit on it- like I'm saying goodbye, again.

This is for my Mom in NJ (I'm in Colorado) and she's dying of Alzheimer's.  She's 80 and has lived a very nice life- gardening, cooking gourmet meals, enjoying her home.  And I said my goodbyes last summer when she still- barely- recognized me.

When I last saw her she was sitting at the dining room table and staring out at the lake and watching birds.  What she had done for the past few years.  Once vibrant, never sitting.   Always in the garden, cooking a gourmet meal, pruning and caring for her plants in the greenhouse.  Mending, sewing on a Vogue dress.  Always busy- busy hands.  But for a while she sat and stared at the birds.  I think they made her happy, that and the view of the lake outside the window and  the birds.  But she was happy.  So she turned that last time and looked at me and I kissed her goodbye.  I have such a photographic memory and I treasure my last site of her.  It made driving 2,000 miles worth it.

So I hear she's on her last moments and I knit not knowing if it'll make it in time.  I'm going to pass it on to my Dad when I see him at my daughter's graduation from Middlebury VT. at the end of May.  But I felt The Lord speak to my heart that my prayers over the blanket are heard whether it makes it to her or not.

So I pray, and I knit. Not for healing, but for God to have Mercy.

She was a very classy lady from a wealthy family that had no attitude- just class.  She'd sew Vogue dresses, did amazing crewel embroidery and made amazing French food.  I watched, I learned.

My oldest daughter just found this when cleaning out their house a couple of weeks ago and shot it over to me just now-

My Mom and Me

Knitting a Prayer Shawl-
For my Prayer Shawl I'm using  Lion's Thick and Quick and I'm using long size 15 wooden needles, but I will get a more blanket size wrap.
For the conventional size Prayer Blanket use the regular Lion's Homespun and size 11 or 13 needles.
Please Note-I followed these instructions from the above pattern: "*Note: If you cast on 57 stitches you will always start with K3".  Simple is always nice!

These tutorials from Tin Can Knits Support Page will help any beginner and advanced knitter.  Go down the page for Knitting basics- Casting on, How to Knit and and Purl and you'll be all set. That's all the pattern is, plus Bind off!

Saturday, April 23rd- Got word last night from my Dad that my Mom has stopped eating and drinking.  They've put her on a morphine drip and it's anytime now.  So I pray & knit.  My Mom wouldn't know if I was there, but God knows and I pray He'll be there and wrap His arms around her in Peace.
I Pray and I knit on a shawl that ends up giving me comfort as I think of her.
I pray, I knit.

Later- I must of been typing this as she was passing away.

Saturday Afternoon- My Mom just passed away this afternoon- peacefully after a long battle with Alzheimer's. May God be with her and help my Dad now.

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