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Friday, April 15, 2016

Fridays Fantasy Knits- I Dream in White Today

Do you love white?  White on Whites, cream and beige, segueing into taupe?  I love seeing the different textures in knitting.  Painting white is interesting because it's rarely just white- colors like blues and greys and the shadow of blacks come in.  Once I was in a pastel class where we were to copy a Master painting and I picked two Degas nudes.  Here's the two I worked on plus a Renoir- up close the whites and nude color (especially with the Degas) are really a layering of many colors.

Edgar Degas After the Bath

Degas-Woman at Her Toilette 1900-1910

Pierre-Auguste Renoir- Nude in a Landscape 1883

 The truly fascinating aspect of it was nothing I actually copied was flesh toned.  Up close it was a compilation of many colors that looked like flesh tone from the distance.  Whites are interesting because of all the different shades of light they capture.  Next time you look at a white object like a mug or teapot- really look, can you see the blues of the shade?  Is yellow captured in a reflection?  Really look.

Today I want to capture some white knits to dream about, to make now for the Spring and Summer months or perhaps later for a cosy White Woolen for the Fall and Winter.

                                                                  Halldóra long shawl

Wool & The Gang's Sonic Sweater

Have a Happy White journey in knitting!

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