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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesdays Yarn Along With Me

Wednesdays Yarn Along is a meme hosted by Small Things.  She asks us to share a picture of what you are reading and knitting.  You can share here and there at Small Things.

I'm currently reading New Leaf: A Mystic Creek Novel by Catherine Anderson and loving it!  The main characters are great and engage you- their believable and the plot is just getting going but I like it- saving a damsel in distress and her child, by marrying her.  It should be a good read.

     Today I'm working on several projects.  I'm playing with A Chinese Wave stitch lately and now I've taken the stitch and modified it a bit so it can go on a circular needle.   Technique Thursday- Chinese Waves Scarf and Tuesday's Eclectic Thoughts- Designing a Chinese Wave Cowl  I want to design a cowl pattern.  This stitch is perfect and has a spongy loft to it, especially on very large needles.  I'm using Lion's Hometown USA yarn now.  Next I'm going to try a larger cowl loop and move into Lion's Thick & Quick yarn to see what result I get.

     On my personal front of knitting for me: The Springtime Dishcloth is coming along well (Technique Thursday- Knitting a Dishcloth for Beginners to Advanced Knitters). Also I'm going to start a poncho using 2 skeins of Lion's Homespun yarn that I got from frogging a shawl partially knit years ago. It's in a beautiful variegated green and periwinkle blue hints on a white background and it just looks like spring. This should go up fast a be on my shoulders soon enough for Spring weather.


Have a Happy week knitting and reading.


  1. You frogged that poncho! So much knitting. Good for you for taking charge!

    1. I frogged actually a shawl my daughter years ago helped me with, but I knew I wouldn't finish it and use it- so yes it hurt to undo it, but I do hate to waste!