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Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Fearless Cardigan Frogged!

This weekend I sewed up my Fearless Cardigan.  It's a snowy Colorado weekend and it seemed a good time to finally finish it while snuggling up in it's warmth.  Well, despite my best hopes of wearing it...

It's still was too huge.  My problem is I am simply petite- 5' 1" and not thin, but short.  To make the body bigger I added stitches, which also lengthened the arms.  My arms aren't as long as others, so perhaps the 3/4 length would be just right on me.  The measurements of the finished garment from W+ TG said a perfect length to my wrists, but I ruin that by adding stitches to the width of the garment because it's knitted from the sleeves inward, it shifts the length sideways too.  So I need to think.  Should I add a stitch to the body and knit 1 less row on the sleeves, perhaps?  Rethinking and ripping out.

So, have I mentioned that I am a persistent perfectionist and I can't stand giving up?  My favorite mantra- I will learn from this!


My pretty wool will one day be a pretty cardigan- I promise.

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