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Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Fantasy Knits- In a Peachy Pink Mood

I'm in a peachy pink mood lately.  Maybe from seeing pictures of the blossoming Cherry Trees in Washington and just aching for Spring. 


   Our buds are out, but only the flowers in my apartment are blooming (thanks to my husband) and a few brave cherry trees I could see in town in warm spots and one down below out my 3rd floor window (I have an amazing view of mountains and tree tops, I'm up here with the birds chirping).  Colorado boasts the most snow in March and did not disappoint, with a big blizzard a few weeks ago. 

Cherry Blossoms, Washington, DC

So as I near finishing my Fearless Cardigan (everything is knitted up and I'm planning to sew up the seams tomorrow) I dream of getting some lovely pink or peach yarn and do up something light for summer.  The peach cotton yarn from We Are Knitters is really drawing me.  


                                                                  Yellowstone Cardigan

 So Pink, Peach flit through my mind. I once read in a Real Simple magazine that Pink can up lift people's moods. 

 And God decorated the earth in Spring with lovely shades of pinks, peaches, whites and the magenta and rose of Magnolias. 

 I dream of Magnolias- they were in New Jersey where I grew up in Princeton and there the buildings of the campus would be covered with blooming bluish purple Wisteria, while the mirror pool would reflect Magnolias in Spring.

So here's a collection of possible projects for you and me. Pinks and peaches, just dreaming of Spring and for many you're walking under those blossoms now. Enjoy before the petals fall. But then thankfully we have the blooms of summer to enjoy.


                                                                          Petal Pink

The Sabrina Sweater (Dream it in Peach- link above)

                                       Acadia Sweater by We Are Knitters- Sweater Kit

And if you're itching to start a cooler weather cardigan in pink this one is divine-

An example of this Spring's style in J.Jill:

Happy Knitting in the Pink and Peach!!!!

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