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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Technique Thursdays- Dishcloth Mania!

Knitting dishcloths is a good way to practice your new found knitting skills, or as an advanced knitter practice new stitches.  It also is a welcome practical knit that goes up fast, and is usable!

I just finished one dishcloth and I'm raring to go on the next one.  The above dishcloth that I just started on needles is Laws of Knitting- Kitchen Dishcloth ~ Double Seed Stitch and is done in the Double Seed stitch or Irish Moss stitch.  Detangling Seed Stitch vs. Moss Stitch- Exploring Different Knitting Patterns

Garter Stitch (Knit- Knit on both sides)

  I'm contemplating keeping a dishcloth to knit up as a side knit to keep in my purse.  I like it's portability.

I can't stand the thought of getting the first one dirty by using it until I have another on the way, I know they're supposed to be used, but.   Maybe if I get a few done it won't pain me to use them!

So the pattern for the dishcloth I just started to do is Kitchen Dishcloth ~ Double Seed Stitch.  I'll just use what I have leftover from the last one- Peaches & Cream in  Lotus Blossom (Walmart).  I might need a tad more, but it was under $2. Talk about a cheap pleasure.

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