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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday's Eclectic Thoughts- Many Threads to Finish Up

This week's knitting consists of sewing up my Wool & The Gang's Fearless Cardigan, which turned out to be a tad more difficult than I anticipated.  I think the thickness makes for an awkward seam, so I ripped out the back seam a few times before deciding to do it my own way.  It ended up nice and flat, so I'm pleased.

Oliver "helping"

 I'm almost done with my washcloth Technique Thursday- Knitting a Dishcloth for Beginners to Advanced Knitters, but I have some carpal tunnel in my wrists and I find the smaller knits take their toll.  The larger the needle the easier it is on my hands.  

But on the other hand knitting a washcloth is a great knit to have in your purse.  It's obviously not a fussy knit I have to be careful about- if it gets dirty, I can just wash it, after all it's a washcloth!  So I'm thinking of keeping one going all the time just for fun in my purse.  They'd make great gifts!

I'm going to work on my own design of a white Chinese Wave Cowl next week- Tuesday's Eclectic Thoughts- Designing a Chinese Wave Cowl and start a new larger one to test out the sizes.

Hershey- My Cat!

 And I'm busy with my pocho. I'm loving the simplicity of knitting it up.  It's a great knit while you watch a show- semi-mindless.  Technique Thursday- Doing up a Poncho and How To Follow a Knitting Pattern and if you want to explore many poncho patterns- Friday Fantasy Knits- I Dream Of Ponchos!.

If you love knits done up in white check out my last Friday Fantasy Knits- Fridays Fantasy Knits- I Dream in White Today.  I really like that blog that day.  Whites fascinate me- the play of hidden color in them made by shadow.

To share your knits this week go to Frontier Dreams.

One of my blogs I want to share this week is my Sweet To Be Blog: Decadent Chocolate Pound Cake.  Enjoy this decadent treat (actually made with lots of healthy ingredients and a cake mix!).


  1. Your cardigan looks so pretty. I have had NO luck (it can't be my skill level, can it?) with sweaters. I admire those of you who can do it.
    And what a gorgeous little cat!
    So many people tell me that the Cake Mix Doctor cupcakes are the best they've ever had. They are shocked to hear that they come from a mix!

    1. I haven't done a lot of sweaters- this one was fairly easy (except the seams!), but I'm trying to push myself to learn more stuff in knitting. After seeing your blog on the cupcakes I might be tempted to get that cookbook too! I've always dreamt of making gorgeous cupcakes with lovely piped frosting- that thick swirly look. I worked with Chefs for years in Cooking classes and I've never gotten that down. It also might be a diet sabotager- you think? Sometimes somethings are worth it :)

  2. I just love knitting washcloths for the same reason. The cardigan looks fantastic.

    1. THanks- I really just re-discovered knitting after not doing much but crochet huge afghans since college in the 80's. I saw a friend back East a couple of years ago doing up "The Lucy Hat" (check Ravelry) and I went home and started knitting again and discovered that this was it- my passion!