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Monday, April 25, 2016

Musing Monday- A Book To Take You Away...

For Musing Mondays at Books and a Beat I'm answering the first question-

  • I’m currently reading…I had grand intentions of starting Outlander last week- both of my copies are sitting in front of my face taunting me.  I do know I love the book, but once I start reading them (because who can just read the first book in the series and stop?) I feel like I have for good (or bad) descended into another world that precludes me reading anything else.  It sucks you in like Alice's rabbit hole, and yet I do love the books. But, I like my other lighter reads too.  OK- my oh-so-not-seriously-horrible problem!    

                    Well while I dithered about starting my favorite book series, I started reading some arbitrary book I had downloaded from BookBub a few weeks ago and got caught in the intrigue, Night Magic by Karen Robards.  It wasn't until mention of Vietnam, that I stopped to look at the publish date and discovered it was- 1987!  That year I was just in my 20's, the Cold War was still on and The Wall was about to come down (unbeknownst to us).  No one expected it.  At anyrate- old history.  The plot is based on a mole in the CIA, KGB agents and a scenario where the KGB mistake a Romance author for being in on a hidden microfiche and spy network.  Her cat gets involved in the chase and -of course- a chiseled American Spy who looks like he's gone rogue.  Really very good.  And it's been a hard week for me.  A piece of fiction that lets me disappear is all good.

My Mom died Saturday.  This past week I was working on her prayer shawl- Technique Thursday- A Prayer Shawl for My Mom, praying that God would be Merciful and take her.  She had Alzheimer's and was mentally gone.  Ever pray for something that hurts so? I know it's better for her.  It hurt to think she was living like that.  It hurts to know she's gone.  So an adventure book was in order this week.  A forget-real-life while I read book.

She was the reader in the family.  Her example taught me so much.  I'll miss her.

I Love you Mom. Always will. Always Remember.

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  1. I am sorry for your loss.

    I've only read Outlander, and need to finish the series. I adore the TV show!

    1. Thank you. I'm glad the Starz series does the books justice. I want to re-read the series because I haven't read her newest one- "Written in My Own Heart's Blood", the 8th book in the series. They build one after the other and I was left in the 7th book with one of the grandchildren lost in a train tunnel with a time portal in it. Diana Gabaldon knows how to weave a story!