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Monday, July 18, 2016

Musing Mondays

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THIS WEEK’S RANDOM QUESTION: Finish the sentence: “If _____ and _____ we're to get together and write a book…”
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     I'm currently reading an awesome book Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass series Book 1) with princes, an assassin, hidden magic and overcoming difficulties.  It's a Junior read, but I'm finding it fun.  The adventure and intrigue keeping me page turning, or raptly listening as I knit.  Happiness is a good book, better still the beginning of a series of good books. 

As to the last question- 
THIS WEEK’S RANDOM QUESTION: Finish the sentence: “If _____ and _____ we're to get together and write a book…” 

     To be honest is kind of to be naked here, but I'll go ahead.  I spent 20 years in a Christian Cult.  I still love God deeply, it was man that wronged me and when I use the term cult I don't use it lightly.  We were shunned once we left, it's devastated lives and unfortunately shipwrecked many faiths.  My faith survived by the Grace of God and His faithfulness.  Honestly I would not have children if He hadn't healed me.  I have three kids now and God has always been Faithful, but man can be horrible.  My best friend and I were separated for 25 years because she left and was the pastor's sister, and I was told not to talk about her as if she died.  When we left almost a decade later my husband asked me not to connect because we wanted to stay hidden.  Meanwhile she endured the kidnapping of her two older boys and hiding her youngest till she reached of age and was safe.  She's a writer and I wish we could collaborate and write a tell-all, trying to get others to collaborate who have left to expose this cult which looks so pretty.  Beware of groups that shun people who leave and think they alone are the ones who are right and exalted.  My friend recently got back her eldest son, while he's in his 30's!  The second one she barely sees- he's still in the cult.  She did write a tell-all but since it involves her kids' father she has been asked by the son not to publish it.  So my idea is to do a compilation of as many stories we can collect, but apparently there is still a lot of fear involved with leaving.  So if you are wondering this group is in an isolated Upstate New York location. They look awesome, great music, the men build each other's homes, homeschooling and all the women have to wear dresses, obey their husbands and all are submitted to the leadership who decides your lives, and they seem good.  Beware.  A lot of people I knew have left.  But the damage is immense from being in a situation like this.  I have a neighbor here in Colorado who is a YWAM missionary to thank for helping us out 16 years ago.  I believe in God's justice.  But if we could ever publish a tell all, and save just one, it'd be worth it.

     On a Happy front I just came back from a few weeks in The Adirondack Mountains- Happy pictures.  Note I don't usually talk about the above subject and I try to forget, it would only be for other's sake if we actually did publish a book.

Photo by Elise Anderson- Our Swimming Hole

                                                       Going into camp in "Inlet"

Photos by Maggie Anderson


  1. Wow. Your story is one I'd love to read and share with my daughter when she's old enough.

    So thankful you are out and that you're reconnecting with your old friends.

    1. Thank you, it's hard to talk about. But tell your daughter faith is awesome, just be cautious about groups that attack others and are shut off from anyone who's different. I loved YWAM because it was a group of diverse faiths and appreciating each other and finding common ground I think is good.

  2. That's a really scary situation to be stuck in. I'm glad you're safe now and found people to connect with. By the way, beautiful pictures. :-)

  3. Thanks, I can honestly say there are days more and more that I forget, and that's a blessing. I have so much more peace in my life now, but I'm also jaded and I wish that wasn't so. Yes the pictures are awesome, my youngest daughter Maggie took them and she wants to be a photo journalist. I must give her photo credit!

  4. That's a very deep personal story and thank you for sharing it; I remember reading cases like that in my undergraduate religion and culture courses.