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Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Ideas for March for Science Hats!

     The date is set for the March for Science - Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, 2017!  The main March is in Washington, DC and there will be many sister marches in large cities around the country.  Check March for Science for new updates and to volunteer.  Join the Facebook page at the same name.  To find your local march search Facebook with "March for Science" and then add the nearest city like Denver or Colorado Springs like I did.  More on that in my personal thoughts blog-  Yes, I am "Marching"!

     So now we know the march is set for Spring in Washington, DC and the weather pattern for the month is temps in the high 50's to 60's, getting warmer as the month ends.  So I'd assume more of a high 60's to low 70's.  So we need to keep that in mind and make hats lighter, or use lighter materials.

     For colors I've been encouraging green and blue for an Earth theme.  Many want more of an all green theme.  Be creative, green does connect with the environment, but those who want blue can represent the sea!  I think it'll look great together.  At a loss and you need me to pick one color, then go with green.  I think the issue of Global warming denial, the need to fight against it and to continue our role internationally to lower global emissions as critical, hence my green focus.


Please note there is a long list of patterns - many free - below yarn talk.

     So for yarns you can go either two different directions - wool, which does give more structure and elasticity.  You can buy worsted, DK or fingering depending on your pattern and get a lighter hat.  Knitpicks has some great wool yarns at low prices Wool of The Andes- Worsted, Wool of the Andes - Sport and for a real soft wool - Swish Worsted Yarn, all come in an amazing selection of great colors!  With Swish I just finished knitting a hat with in DK yarn and I knew I'd miss the feel of the yarn, so I turned around to get more just for a simple cowl, just to keep working with it!  Just love it!  Swish DK Yarn

"Swish Worsted Yarn Knitting Yarn from - Superwash merino wool worsted weight knitting yarn"

      I'm starting my first hat with KnitPicks - Preciosa Tonal Worsted Yarn in Bonsai, but I'm marching in Colorado and we still can have snow in April (actually more likely than not!).

  A great source for delightful wool yarn like Malabrigo is Jimmy Beans Wool.  Some fingering weight yarns.

A birthday present to myself, he still awaits some special shawl.


     Or you can explore other yarns made from lighter material.  But you can lose your elasticity.  A good cotton or blend of cotton and modal like Shine Worsted Yarn might work up fine, but know it isn't going to shape a hat like wool.  Here's a list of Linen, Hemp or Flax yarn from Webs.  And a search for a list of lighter unique yarns at Jimmy Beans Wool.   And here's an article from Better Homes and gardens on 10 Eco-Friendly Yarns You'll Love.   

(Please note the smaller yardage, get probably at least 2 for a hat)


     Here's a long list of possible hat designs.  I encourage people to stay in a Green or Blue theme to represent Ecology, the Environment and Earth so we can all coordinate into a sea of Earth tones with pops of pink! 

My Pattern I'm using! I'm starting in the above  KnitPicks - Preciosa Tonal Worsted Yarn in Bonsai for my own hat.  It should look a bit like this one:  But I might add a resistor patch to it.  

ChemKnits for designer and pattern

Blogged at Jimmy Beans- Malabrigo Quickie!

A light airy hat -

Math and Science go hand in hand-

Fuzzy Helix - Free Stashbuster Helix Hat

And a new hat, still in testing and I will get the pattern out as soon as it gets out!

Earth Hat

Enjoy knitting up a storm!  

It's great we can knit for such an important cause!

I Knit for-

The Trees
The Wild Animals that Roam between
The Polar Bears and other Arctic Wildlife
Sharks and Ocean Fish
Our Streams and Freshwater Fish
Animals that Roam
Our Air
Our Ground
Our Planet Earth, so taken for granted by some
Humans, the caretakers

Quote by Donna Druchunas Sheep to Shawl

For More Patterns -

Tuesday's Knitting Away - Knitting For The March for Science


  1. These are really awesome! Do you think they should be called "Thinking Caps?"

    1. Cute! Yeah, designers have really got some neat science themed hats. I'd love to do the Hemisphere Hat with the Malabrigo Twist. It looks so nice.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. For some reason, the idea of a slouch hat came to me today, so one Google search and here I am! :) I found this free pattern and I'm going to try one after I finish up a few pussyhats for friends. There is something about the slouch that reminds me of hair covers for medical and lab personnel, just more fashionable, and the swirls on this one have a hint of brains, too. I like the colors in the example, and the symbol on the official shirt appears to be coral, turquoise and white, so maybe some combination of those colors. I have to wait until my shirt arrives. Thanks for all the other ideas, I can see trying many of them, too!

    1. Hum, I love your colors and that pattern! I'll save it for another day when I post patterns. Thanks. Have fun. Join the "Scientist's March" board on Ravelry and post your ideas, pattern and hat when done.

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