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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday's Knitting Away - Knitting For Ecology

Joining "Frontier Dreams" today and sharing my creations

     I'm mainly focused on knitting hats for the March on Science on April 22nd, Earth Day.  I've offered to knit hats for anyone in my son's ecology college, the College of The Atlantic in Maine, who are going to march in either Boston or Washington, DC.  I have a group of knitters supporting me and knitting also (message me at  if you want to join us). 

      My main focus is to support the fight against denial of Global Warming.  I don't think this earth has time for us to fool around and waste time erasing years of regulations meant to keep this planet clean.  But I grew up in the summers in The Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York, one of the largest preserved areas in the United States.  But you can't stop the wind.  Out of Pittsburgh and other areas, the foul wind came over and dumped on these mountains.  I watched, I'm over half a decade old and I could see the changes.  Trees, the limbs rapidly dying, trees down and the undergrowth deep with dead limbs.  That is not the way it was before.  The trout died, scientists had to engineer a fish to withstand the acid rain, and they restock every year.  The minnows gone, after decades, I see a few back.  My lifetime I saw change and we were on the more protected side of Mt. Marcy, the tallest mountain, on the other side are Dead Zones, nothing lives.  And this is wild preserved areas!  Because of regulations the air has gotten better, but it's not enough.  The area has been slowly getting better.  But don't tell me we don't affect the environment. Acid Rain and the Adirondacks,  Acid Rain by the Adirondack Council.

Here's my Ecology Hat, a Simple Slouch Hat - Free Pattern in Green.  I'm encouraging Green hats or Green and Blue hats for the environment and earth and the Ecology movement.  We can't give up and not think of our children.  What world are we going to leave them?

Other posts with lots, I mean lots of patterns, over 50 patterns and many free.  Please keep it Green or Green/Blue so we coordinate!

More details on knitting for College of the Atlantic's students-


  1. I can't think of a better cause. Without the Earth, nothing matters!
    Our governor in Wisconsin took all mention of climate change off the state's Web sites. Like that is going to fix anything!
    Very scary people in office these days.

    1. Yeah, for real! At night I look at Facebook and Twitter and save articles to read.
      I think this was alt-National Park Service on Facebook, this is an article about science geeks that perfected computer programs to detect where climate change facts have been deleted from records, it's happening all over. I still need to read the article. Things are changing so rapidly, it's hard to me up.
      Another really good source for perspective now is Dan Rather on Facebook. I have him marked to be read first ( up there with my Chocolate Covered Katie recipes). But I grew up with him. Reporting Vietnam, Watergate. He has tremendous vision and perspective. I trust his judgement and right now it's chilling.
      All we can do is peacefully fight, march, stand up and say "no". Historically, it makes the difference, it just takes time. But I'm not the type to passively sit by and watch. But all I can do now is knit for the cause, but I'm thankful for that. Thanks for faithfully reading.