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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday's Knitting Away and Knitting My Ecology Hat

Joining "Frontier Dreams" today and sharing my knits

     So, I am going to be knitting away today, soon, I promise myself!  I think a lot of days I get sidetracked with reading the news, or Facebook or following the various boards dealing with the March for Science project and details of knitting for it.  I really need to settle down and knit!  Focus and Peace is on my agenda this week.

     So I started my Ecology Hat for the knit for the March for Science taking place Earth Day, April 22nd, 2017 in Washington, DC and other large cities.  

     I'm using Preciosa Tonal Worsted from Knit Picks in Bonsai.   Bonsai is a beautiful tonal green that goes from Midnight Green to a light shade of green, the above picture makes it look too blue!

(Which is now backordered till May, I mentioned it in Friday's post and now they've run out!  Is that the power of the pen?  I can't post this post on more conservative groups so my blog at first didn't go far.  After explaining the situation and asking people to share on Facebook Liberal groups and Ravelry Knit for Science groups, my hits on the blog has soared to almost 3,000 on just Friday's post.  I spent so much time on it and I really wanted it to make a difference.  There are 29 patterns, mostly free, and lots of yarn talk on how to knit your hat cooler).

     I've offered to knit also for any students at my son's Ecology College, College of  The Atlantic.  Any student that goes I'll get them a free hat.  So far I don't know how many are interested.   I am trying to get a general idea of who would want to also knit for Ecology College students going.  I'm compiling a list of potential knitters.  The college had a handful go to The Women's March (after all they're in Maine).  But this is their focus.  If they decide to do a sister march like in Portland I'd still like to support them.  I love these students, they are awesome, focused, passionate and hardworking.  They were voted #1 as the greenest college in America by The Sierra Club ( College of The Atlantic). Rated one of the top in the Princeton Review.

      I'm making the hats out of sustainable materials (probably mostly wool) because this is an important focus of the college's.  I see these students as our future and that's why I want to encourage them and support them in this endeavour.  If you might be interested in knitting for them please leave a note below with your email address or befriend me on Ravelry and leave a note you'd like to knit for COA,  I'm .  Like I said I have no clue how many students will want to go, 3 or 50!

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