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Friday, February 24, 2017

New! Friday Ideas on Patterns to Knit for The March for Science

    We've created a new Ravelry group called March for Science - Official Knitting Group on Ravelry details at the bottom!

     I wanted to pull together some new ideas for patterns to knit for the  March on Science and also reintroduce favorites that many are knitting already.  I also found some lightweight choices for those who are concerned about a possibly warm day.  I've heard several people saying they're knitting themselves a wool hat and then a cotton one as a backup in case. Truly knitting aficionados!

     As I have said before, if we knit in green and blue then the style of hat is less important. I think a common silhouette has been beanie hats or slouch.  In the end the color will be the unifying force.  And I'm hoping it'll convey a message of focus on the Environment, Ecology and the Earth and push back against denial of global  warming.  The visual impact of so many marching in defense of our Earth hopefully will make a dent.



"A brimmed and air conditioned hat is practically a necessity for warm sunny days."

Other posts with lots, I mean lots of patterns, over 50 patterns and many free.  Some of them are above.  Please keep it Green or Green/Blue so we coordinate!

    And on knitting for the March on ScienceI've teamed up with a Stanford scientist Heidi Arjes who also designs knitting patterns to create a new Ravelry group called March for Science - Official Knitting Group.  We'll be working towards clarifying information, like getting mail in addresses to you for hats for Washington, DC and city marches.  Also suggesting hats to knit to donate and providing a place for lively discussions, and help for beginners.  The board is up, accepting members, and just be patient as we develop it further.  Heidi's blog and pattern -  Craftimism - Resistor Knit Hat.  Our Facebook site: "March for Science - official knitting group", come join us!

My Maggie and her Ecology Hat


  1. Looks great! May I suggest the Hat with a point as well (if not for this week, then for next week).

    It's been great having you as a partner! Thanks for the shout out to our ravelry group. :)

    1. I forgot about the pointy hat one! Thanks, I'll add it now. And yeah, I feel we've gotten a lot done since half a week, thanks to you and I'm anticipating us driving lots of change in the future! Here's to movers and shakers!