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Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Moments - Knitting Ecology Hats

I'm surrounded with green yarn and my doorbell rings and my Knitpicks order arrives, with more green yarn (I haven't even opened it yet).  I also got the fair-isle yarn for the Hadley Pullover I want to do, just got to get the pattern when I have my knitting hats for the March for Science under control.

     I finished my first Ecology Hat in Preciosa Tonal Worsted from Knit Picks in Bonsai.  And I love it!  I was going to wear it marching, but my 14 yr. old who doesn't wear hats decided she wanted it.  Now she has to march with me and hopefully she will put on the hat!  So I did measure my yarn and there's plenty left for a hat for me.  I am sorry to say the Preciosa Tonal yarn in Bonsai at Knitpicks is all gone, or I'd get more.  I mentioned it in my first knit for the March for Science post and it quickly was out, till May!  I might get the Crest color, it's a teal version of this green yarn and the yarn was so nice to work with. 

     So, I have two Ecology Hats on my needles for students at College of the Atlantic in Maine who want to go on the March for Science in either Boston or Washington, DC.  I have a group of knitters knitting them up and anyone wanting to join message me at - .  I'm making hats %100 wool when I can to be sustainable, an important factor in COA's student life.  I'm also using the Simple Slouch Hat because I thought students would find it cool.  I'm doing most of my hats in green (environment and ecology evoking), a few in blue and I'm dreaming of some blue and green combos like Knit Picks Chroma Worsted 5-Pack (Lake Front) Amazon and KnitPicks - Chroma Worsted Yarn in Lake Front.

More details on hats -

an opportunity to knit for an ecology college, College of The Atlantic going on the march-

More Science Themed Patterns-

Links for March for Science info -

Facebook look up "March for Science" for the main site on facebook and to find your local march search March for Science plus a large city near you.  Also you can check the above March for Science site and sign up to volunteer and find local marches!

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