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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wednesday's Yarn Along

Today I'm sharing with Ginny at her "Small Things" blog; 
come join me and share what you are reading and knitting in "Yarn Along".

     I'm determined to get my hats finished this week and start on some new projects.  The Don't Mind the Gap hat looks great and I think I can get that done today.  Then I'll block it.  A few more rounds to finish on my Bankhead and I need to do one more The Big Hat.  Then they're off to Maine.  Thank God it's colder there for awhile.

     I'm looking forward to starting my Dreambird and my yarn came today!  It's a tricky pattern to start, but we practiced already in our knitting group, so hopefully I get how to do it.  Lots of markers for "go" and "stop" and turning around for German short rows.  I guess once I do it, it's supposed to get easier as I get the hang of it.  It certainly is pretty!

     I'm still reading the fourth book in the Ingrid Skyberg series telling the story of a FBI agent in London who works with The American Embassy helping solving crimes connected to U.S. citizens.  Deep Hurt (Ingrid Skyberg FBI Thrillers Book 4) Kindle Edition by Eva Hudson .  I love this series but because of the intensity of last week's news, I decided to veer off to a cooking comedy romance.

      Having fun! Deep Dish: A Novel Kindle Edition by Mary Kay Andrews.  The book is centered around a southern chef who's losing her TV Cooking show, then needs to compete with (of course a handsome) chef from another Cooking & Hunting show. Who will win the one open spot for the top Cooking Channel?  Guess I'll find out.

Please visit yesterday's blog where I share with you my newest adventure - knitting hats for the upcoming March for Science! 

Tuesday's Knitting Away - Knitting For The March for Science 

The date has just been set- Earth Day, Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 in Washington, DC and there will also be many other sister marches in many other cities!

New website - March for Science


  1. Hats are definitely needed in Maine--the temperatures are supposed to go below zero again for the next week. Ugh! I'm so over winter!

    1. And we've hardly had any snow! My daughter and I stare at insiped tiny little snow flakes falling, with sunshine of course and moan. Where's the snow? In the Spring we'll have snow! Moisture goes up as temps rise, in case you wondered why. That huge mountain above us, while pretty blocks the moisture on the other side. I'm still embracing winter! :)