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Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday's More Ideas for March for Science Hats

My Ecology Hat in Preciosa Tonal Worsted from Knit Picks in Bonsai.

     I had thought to do another blog post on knitting patterns for quick knits with super bulky wool and I'll do it at some point, but I feel like I'm passionately wrapped around doing hats for the March for Science and any other blog post just doesn't cut it for me now.  I've seen other hats people have suggested and saved the pattern.  Everytime I look for a pattern for something else, I get sidetracked and think- this would make a good hat too!  Last night on Facebook was the clincher, someone posted a hat they had just done for themselves and I thought - oh, how perfect.  I got permission to share and here I am.  Not as long a list as last week, but some different ideas.  Friday Ideas for March for Science Hats!  Like, how about berets?  They're light and kinda cocky stylish, worn at a rakish angle.  So here's more hats.  Some easy for beginners, some more advanced.   Hope I can inspire.  

 I'm still trying to encourage Green and the combo of Green and blue, to represent Earth and our Environment.  Green resonates with many as representing science and Ecology.

Karen Frahm Oaks- photo and knit

Mine on needles with KnitPicks Swish DK Yarn.  Really nice, rhythmic knit, easy to memorize. 

Beginners just consult YouTube videos for help or TinCanKnits Support (bottom of page)

My Ecology Hat in Preciosa Tonal Worsted from Knit Picks in Bonsai which I'm knitting up for College of The Atlantic students going on the March for Science.

If you want to look at more science themed hats to knit, more slouch hats and other ideas check out last week's post - Friday Ideas for March for Science Hats!

The College of the Atlantic

     Knitting for  College of The Atlantic

     My son goes to an Ecology college in Maine  - College of The Atlantic*.  I'm offering to get students a knit hat if they are going to the March for Science.  There is, beside the Washington DC march a March for Science in Boston on Earth Day (look up in Facebook "March for Science" and then add the city you're interested in for more info.)  The e-mail just went out campus wide, there are 338 students and I have no clue what the response will be.  So I have gotten a handful of knitters who will help me knit for them, but I'm keeping a list handy if I get a long list of students.  Because it is a college focused on sustainability, I encourage you to use %100 wool or other natural material if you also would like to knit for them.  If you're interested message me through Ravelry, ,  I'll befriend you and let you know when I have a head count.  Thanks!  These students are wonderful and hardworking, I was really impressed with them and the college when I visited.

* College of The Atlantic -  Top ranked as Green by The Sierra Club this last year and ranked high by The Princeton Review. The College of The Atlantic rated #1 in Green (I love this picture here because it could be my son, it isn't, but he studies Sustainable building and built Solar Panels and the Post & Beam structure it went into for one class, a huge garage built out on their farm. )  


  1. Fibonacci spiral hat. Likey the science!

    1. I couldn't find the hat mentioned , but here is a good Fibonacci Hat

  2. Don't Mind the Gap hat directions are no longer available! Does anyone have the directions!??