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Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Free Patterns - Quick Winter Knits!

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     It's snowing outside a real nice snow.  You know the type that looks like it'll stick here awhile and decorate the landscape.  It's like it's celebrating December outside!  I love winter.  Actually I think I like all the seasons in turn, but winter is such a cosy time to turn inside, knit and drink tea or cocoa.  Wear huge sweaters (hopefully you've knit) and knit all sorts of warm and cosy Winter wear.  So to help celebrate, especially since I hear we might all be in for a real cold spell in another week, here's some free patterns for winter wear.  I tried to find some quick knit varieties for some fast results.  The first one is the hat I'm doing up for a lot of my family for Christmas.  Chunky, sure to be warm and (pssssst) fast to knit!  Forgive me repeating some of these patterns, but I do think they're worth it, especially for newbie knitters and young college somethings without lots of time to knit.  For you guys I'll put "Quick Knit!" next to the pattern.

This pattern done up in "Oatmeal" Wool-Ease Thick & Quick"

Some helpful hints on getting the supplies for this.  If you opt. for a nice but inexpensive yarn, go for Joann Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick And Quick Yarn.  Our Joanns is at a distance, but if yours is close you can check if a color is available at your local store online.  But please use coupons and specials.  I worked there a season and everyone comes in with a mitt full of coupons! You can use the competitors too, if they carry yarn, like Michaels, use a Michael coupon.   Sign up for e-mails, more coupons.  Also you can get this yarn (not as many colors) at Walmart, and a better selection at Michaels.  I just ordered one skein online through Amazon (a deep Claret) because otherwise I'd have to travel to the other side of Colorado Springs, and the yarn was cheaper with free shipping.  So know your deals and have fun!  ( A cautionary note for this yarn, I have personally found some colors like "Barley" while beautiful are filled with little fibers of some sort of plastic for a speckled effect, but the fibers itch me. So you need to look closely, like I believe the "Oatmeal" is fine. And I'm sure it doesn't bother everyone.)

 As for needles, they seemed to me harder to find.  At Amazon I finally located Clover Takumi Bamboo Circular 16-Inch Knitting Needles, Size 15 and Clover Takumi 7-Inch Double point, Size 15

You can do the whole hat in double pointed and I didn't want to buy two sets of needles, but while I was waiting for my shipment to arrive I was looking through a bag of knitting stuff and low and behold a circular needle my daughter left behind years ago when she went to college was there.  Nice and chunky and #15!!!! So I'm relieved, it's much nicer to use both.

Some more Super Bulky Patterns for FREE that go up quick-

This fingerless glove is made from Malabrigo Rasta Yarn - Jimmy Beans Wool, which is a lovely more pricey wool, but I've been finding it worth it for the quality, softness and colors. Oh the colors!  But you could do these mitts with Lions Thick and Quick.

 Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Wheat on #17 needles

"The Gathering" I've made several times and it knits up with two strands of the Lion's Thick and Quick yarn and size #50 needles.  It takes 2 days to make an amazing cowl!

Can be made with Lions Wool-Ease Thick & Quick

Happy Cold Weather & Holiday Knitting!


  1. I love wristlets made from Malabrigo! I've made some "Honeycomb Wrist Warmers Knit" with Mal and they're going to be great gifts!

    1. Sounds nice. Share the pattern sometime. Funny thing I was just busy at your blog reading about Project Peace! Lovely cowl and the thought behind it. I might be behind the 21 day it's supposed to be done, but I might get some natural Chroma Fingering at Knitpicks and do it for the New Year. I didn't mention in my comment on your page, but besides thinking of white when I think of peace, I think of January and a clean fresh start. That in my mind equates with peace and new beginnings. Anyone reading this check out "what if this is as good as it gets

    2. I think I found them. Are these it? "Honeycomb Wrist Warmers Knit"
      by Courtney Spainhower