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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday's Yarn Along

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     I finished my Elise's Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief today at a knitting group I go to on Wednesday mornings.  That is, I did, and I took a picture.  Then we discussed the roll of the stockinette at the end and how blocking might not totally get rid of it, so I ripped out a bit again.  To not only make it right, but I also was just not ready to see it go.  I loved working on it and the colors are so beautiful.

     So I had extra yarn and I had extended the pattern beyond the final eyelet section and three rows.  Hence the wider stretch of stockinette that rolled at the end.  So I decide to rip back to 4 rows below the last eyelet, and add another eyelet row and end the shawl like the pattern does with 3 final rows.  I assume with blocking I should get rid of any roll.  Also the three rows of eyelet at the end I think will look prettier and more finished.

     And secretly, I just wanted to knit on this just awhile longer. After all its my November knit, I have till the end of today!

      I'm also reading a really good book, another Romantic Suspense by a Christian author and I find it interesting that the plots are just as riveting with suspense and just one kiss.  Real clean and real fun, and what's nice is the tidbits of inspiration thrown in at points.  So this week's book (which is free on Amazon for Kindle) is Gathering Shadows (Finding Sanctuary Book #1) Kindle Edition by Nancy Mehl.  A review at Goodreads: Gathering Shadows.  My last week's read (also a Christian writer) was Dangerous Passage (Southern Crimes Book #1): A Novel Kindle Edition by Lisa Harris (free on Kindle).

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  1. What a gorgeous shawl! Congratulations on finishing it. Although I know what you mean about not really wanting to finish it.

    1. Well, I'm actually reworking the end with another eyelet row so it doesn't roll, but it should be done today. Expecting my green yarn for a December shawl any day.