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Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday Fantasy Knits - Hat Patterns

© gumbiemama

     Today I planned to start on a new shawl, have my Fall one completed and I ordered the perfect knitpicks yarn for it in fingering weight.  Or so I thought.  I bought a skein of Preciosa Tonal in Bonsai, which is a beautiful midnight green, dark green with bluish notes.  A color that I felt reflected the evergreens of the Christmas holiday, a December hue.

       Unfortunately I ordered the worsted by mistake and since the shipping cost is almost as much as the sale price my hubby suggested I just keep it and then just order what I need (it helps it's Black Friday and all their stuff at KnitPicks is %20 off!).  So here I am with a beautiful skein of worsted and I just want to dream about what I might do with it.  It really was a blessing I didn't get the right yarn, right now.  I'm backlogged on Christmas knitting and I get sidetracked with my shawl of the moment.  So this makes me focus and get caught up this week.

© itzmeshel

     So here's some possibilities for this worsted skein of yarn.  It's 100 grams and 273 yards and it's a single ply.  I thought I wanted a Beret, but some of the other hats have caught my eye.  But whatever I choose, I'm making myself wait till after I get caught up.

"Caramel Brulee is part of the Coffeehouse Hats collection! 
Through Jan 8, 2015, use the code provided in pattern to receive 25% off the other hats in this collection. 

Hot Toddy- by Thea Coleman 
London Fog – by Bristol Ivy 
Stollen- by Melissa Schaschwary"

May these hats be inspiration for yourself and for gifts.

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