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Friday, December 16, 2016

Last Minute Free Christmas Patterns

     This Friday finds me finishing up Christmas hats while hoping I can get them in the mail this weekend (I found out Staples will ship UPS all the time and at a %10 discount!).  So hoping to pull that off and I'm still putting everything on pause to knit my Peaceful Cowl for the Project Peace by Christina Campbell (more details in this post: Simply Saturday - Project Peace).  So this is a simple post of a few knits I've come across (one I'm doing) that are very fast, a few hours to half a day kinda knit (unless you're like me, it'll take me a day even for fast knits).

     And Please check out my first square up above on the right column. I'm listening to such an inspiring song sung by Peter Hollens, please take a minute to tap on the photo and listen. The song is FREE if you follow the links below the Youtube site, also find Peter Hollens on Facebook and he has a free link there also. Why does the Spirit of Christmas have to go after Christmas?  Let's hold on to feelings of Joy and Peace and of Love & Kindness to Family, Friends and Strangers.   Let's carry that feeling into 2017 and Remember the One whose Spirit is entwined in this Holiday and Hanukkah also.

A reminder that most of these can be done in Wool-Ease Thick & Quick which you can get at Joann's, Michaels, Walmart and Amazon! Yes, there is still time to knit something warm and personal for a loved one, after all something knit is unique, takes some time and is a special way to say "I Love You!"

So here again is my Christmas Hat knit (I am doing a few more complicated hats).  This pattern has been a God send and it's so fun to make up a hat in a day.  I love it. Lots of texture and just a fun look.  I'm making the pom poms tomorrow and that should be so fun!

Have a Very Merry Christmas next Week


A Happy Hanukkah too!

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