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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wednesday's Yarn Along - Project Peace

    Today I'm sharing with Ginny and her friends at her "Small Things" blog; 
come join me and share what you are reading and knitting in "Yarn Along".

“Let there be Peace on Earth 
And let it begin with me.”

     Last week I discovered Project Peace by Christina Campbell.  A lovely cowl pattern to do as a Knit-Along with a large group of people (20,000 as of this post).  The Project's purpose is to work on the cowl while cultivating peace. 

     But, I had plans, plans to knit a December shawl and finish all my Christmas hats.  So with that in mind I decided to do this cowl in January, in white (white, to me, seems so peaceful).  But I'm enjoying the posts on The Healthy Knitter blog about how to create more peace in our lives, and looking at my yarn last night for the shawl I was going to do, I had this kinda, light bulb moment (but why didn't I see it before, like last week?). Why don't I just scrap my shawl idea and do the cowl I want?  After all, I want peace, not stress right now.  Just the thought brought me peace.  I also had gotten the worsted version of this yarn by mistake and instead of returning it, I decide to make my own hat when the holidays are over.  So cowl and matching hat, sounds great (and, psssst, peaceful).  Here's my Simply Saturday - Project Peace post last week for more details on the group knit.

      "Last Chance To Run": Slye Temp book (Prequel) Kindle Edition by Dianna Love is my current read and it's free for Kindle on Amazon.  I'm totally enjoying the plot, a suspicious young woman on the run escapes "the bad guys" to stealthily hide on a charter plane with stolen gold doubloons strapped to her mid-section. Why she is fleeing and wants to hide is slowly being revealed as the Pilot tries to protect her (while he is actually an undercover operator for the government).  He wonders is she a law breaker, yet decides not to turn her in.  Mystery abounds, romance is simmering, plot is good, characters interesting.  Goodreads review for more details: "Last Chance to Run".


  1. Thanks for linking to The Healthy Knitter looks like a good read! I love the color choices of your yarn :)

    1. Thanks, I looked all over for that particular shade of dark green, a midnight green and had given up when I saw this yarn at Knit Picks. The lighter tone just highlights that perfect evergreen color. Reminds me of Christmas. And the yarn is so soft. Yeah for Knit Picks, they come up with affordable winners for yarn!

  2. Your yarn is so pretty! I *finally* made a yarn choice, using a KnitPicks hand painted stroll fingering yarn. It truly spoke to me.

    Now I need to cast on. I think I'm going to use a German Twisted Cast on.

    1. Oooooooo, sounds nice. All their yarn is so nice, I have Stroll in mind for something else, perhaps in the Spring or Summer. I have no clue how to do a German Twisted Cast on. I'll look it up. I'm just doing a swatch now on my #5, I don't have #4, so I need to see if I have to adjust. I'm also not doing the I-cord, I've never done it and right now I'm in no mood to learn (I'm in lots of pain, MRI this week and Drs tomorrow, hopefully answers on my leg, my spine has twisted nerves and my leg is in a bad way). So right now my knitting makes me smile, the Project Peace seems perfect and thanks for just being there. Forgive my complaints.

  3. Heading over to the Healthy Knitter, it sounds really interesting, thanks for the heads up.