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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wednesday's Yarn Along

  Today I'm sharing with Ginny and her friends at her "Small Things" blog;  please join me and share what you are reading and knitting in "Yarn Along".

     I finished my son's and his girlfriend's hat.  The Big Hat was a fun and fast knit.  I still have 3 - 4 more to make (one for me).  Tuesday's Knitting Away - Hats Off To Maine!

     Today is Peace Day, the 21st of December, the last day for Project Peace by Christina Campbell.  The designer wanted a day where we would knit (hopefully worldwide) and be in Peace and promote Peace in our lives and others.  I am far from done with my Peaceful Cowl, but I'm trying to focus on knitting that today and I have hopes that I can finish in the beginning of January.  The blog for this knit-along with wonderful daily posts on Peace focusing projects this past 21 days - The Healthy Knitter.  One of my posts on the Peace Project that I especially like -  Simply Saturday - Project Peace.

     Right now I'm reading a really good Action-Suspense Romance on my Kindle that I got the first book free -  "Last Chance To Run": Slye Temp book (Prequel) Kindle Edition by Dianna Love and when I finished the author gives you a link on the end of this E-book for a free version of her next book -  Nowhere Safe: Slye Temp book 1 Kindle Edition.  

       Trish, a young lady who owns a new antique shop that she wants to succeed, is trying to overcome some hard knocks in her life.  She is competing in a contest that is much like a cook-off, but for Antique Experts.  Meanwhile, she is being stalked by an unknown person called the Chessmaster for the Chess pieces he leaves from an 18th century serial killer. She tries to keep it a secret. To add another twist to the plot, because of her association with her pilot brother who works for the DEA (the Prequel book) she is suspected of trafficking in drugs and illegal activities.  But she's innocent.  Josh, a supposed FBI agent, is outsourced to the DEA Task Force, and is given the task to prove she's guilty and meanwhile is unwillingly falling in love which he's learned from his past mixing business and pleasure can be deadly.


  1. The hats are great! I took a peaceful pause from my peace cowl to knit a hat for a colleague who needed some good energy/peace. It felt like the right thing to do.

    1. Peaceful Pause, I like that! Whatever works, and tis the season to give. Merry Christmas :)