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Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Moments and My Sherbet Heavenly Shawl- Onto Clue #2


     My Summer 2016 KAL is done up to the first clue.  I just started Clue #2, which was released a few weeks ago, but I plug merrily along.  It is a fun, simple shawl knit, once you master the German short rows and easy to memorize.  I'd recommend the pattern at Ravelry- Summer 2016 KAL, more details at Friday Fantasy Knits- Summer 2016 KAL Shawl in Sherbet Colors.

     The colors of the two skeins of Chroma Fingering Yarn in "Groovy" and "Pegasus" have been easy to blend, I just pick a similar color and move between the two skeins, but I seem to have favored the bright "Groovy" and now that I'm hitting a middle section I'm going to have to use more of "Pegasus", which has a darker hues to even things out.  I also need to weigh the two balls (I did at the beginning also) and find my halfway point (that's when  clue 2 ends). 

      But it definitely is a summer knit, so soft and light, it's going to be beautiful when done.  It does so remind me of the colors of summer sherbet, ices and sorbet.  Even the blue brings me back to the days we had the ice cream truck come down the street and I think my brother used to like a blue ice.  I can remember his blue lips!  My Ravelry site-  Sherbet Heavenly Shawl.

This week I'll continue with my Sherbet Shawl (it's my main squeeze) and I'm also working on a hat for the Hat KAL and I got the 2nd clue today for  Sheila my mystery Critter KAL .  More on both tomorrow.

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