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Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Moments and Finishing Up My Sherbet Shawl

      It's raining outside and I was going to forgo my blog today, but I relented and decided a quick update is an easy thing to do.  Now three times a week I'm seeing a team of chiropractors in the very early morning for treatment.  They're great and hopefully they will fix what is broken down in me.  I think it's degenerative damage to my spine that is crimping my nerves and tendons.  I'm in tremendous pain, and now I can't walk without pain.  So I cried this morning.  I just feel so disheartened, but they encouraged me that I will be pain free again, it's just a long process.  You know sometimes attitude is everything.  I'm making it my goal to think of all the hiking I am going to do, again one day.  Getting up to the Intemann Trail above me will be my goal this year,  At least I have a team working with me and I'm not alone.  In addition to adjustments and decompressions, I get laser treatments on my lower back!  That's my favorite part because it's warm and cosy.

     So today I worked to finish my Sherbet Heavenly Shawl.  It looks lovely, but I am going to come up short on my yarn and have to order a skein more (an excuse to make a simple cowl out of the rest).

     I'm also working on my Sheila , which I inadvertently discovered is a sheep (a giveaway on the last clue).  But I'm glad, I switched to brown yarn for the legs and I'm working on the quirky long legs now (pictures tomorrow).  I also want to work on my Top-down sweater that I started a few weeks ago  The Really Improv Sweater!.  August 15th  Monday Moments- What's Up in My Knitting World.

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