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Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Fantasy Knits- Dreaming of Shawls

    While it sometimes seems impossible, Fall is around the corner.  Here in Colorado we have had cooler weather, but that's no guarantee that it'll be cool in the coming weeks.  September can be cold one day and a hot one the next.  But, always a surprise, October sails in and bam, there's snow on the ground!  Overnight we have winter, then it can switch back.  Last year I was so proud of myself that I actually got my gloves out in time, had them ready in my pockets of a warm jacket.  Feeling so smug about my simple accomplishment that I had finally got it figured out (I grew up in NJ), I pulled out two right handed gloves and had to laugh! Yup, not ready as usual.  So with the approaching cooler weather shawls seem such a nice season transition accessory.  A reason to knit-

"‘Cameo’ is a modern yet feminine shawl fun and fast to knit !
It is knitted in a garter stitch with striped and lace sections added for textural and colour interest. The simple picot border is worked together with the main body."

"If you purchase 5 patterns from my Ravelry Store at the same time (add them all to your cart before you check out), the least expensive one will be free."

"Elegance, simplicity, airiness – Nangou is a charming piece, casual enough for everyday wear.
It is worked flat from the bottom up, shaped asymmetrically by different kinds of increases.
The Shibui Staccato yarn has a wonderful drape, which gives Nangou a very feminine and delicate touch. It’s a pleasure to knit and wear and a wonderful choice for knitting up this piece. It comes in beautiful colorways, so prepare to make a hard choice!"

"Quindici is an interesting and relaxing boomerang shawl that consists of 15 segments (quindici is Italian for 15), with textured, seed, slipped and lattice stitches. Each segment is a memory souvenir from a special trip to Italy with my daughter this summer. The first 8 segment memories can be viewed here."

Sistine Chapel - Casapinka

"If you purchase 5 patterns from my Ravelry Store at the same time (add them all to your cart before you check out), the least expensive one will be free."

"Turn heads in Ashburn, an eye-catching triangle shawl with asymmetrical flair.
Garter and slipped stitch patterns create a subtle medley of textures, and an endless combination of color choices lets you be as demure or as bold as you like.
Can’t choose? Make more than one—it knits up quick!
A luscious merino/cashmere blend like Bello from The Plucky Knitter makes for a deliciously cozy piece you’ll wear all season long."

A few summery looking knits, because it's so hard to let go of the sunshine of summer.

"Color A - Each short row wedge is a different speckled color including Typewriter, Crybaby, Where’s My Bike?, Boombox, and various potluck colors. Hedgehog Fibres Sock 

Color B - Each color B stripe is a different color including Pollen, Kid You Not, Highlighter, Skinny Dip, Jelly, Coral, Envy, Hush, and Electric. 

Color C - Eel 

Color D - Night Ride"

"Have a few skeins of fingering-weight yarn that need something to do this summer? Bring two or a few colors together to play in Summer Camp, an easy-to-memorize and easy-to-modify shawl that makes an effortless, low-key knit. It’s perfect for pairing a crazy variegated or a speckled colorway with a coordinating solid, or for using leftovers or a gradient set. The shawl is worked sideways with a knitted-on edging, and the simple instructions mean you can knit one up from wherever your summer days take you."

"If you purchase 5 patterns from my Ravelry Store at the same time (add them all to your cart before you check out), the least expensive one will be free."

"Are you searching the souk for treasures?
You’ll find one in On the Spice Market, an asymmetrical triangle shawl featuring a zesty mixture of textures, slipped stitches, and short rows.
Its generous size lets you style it a variety of ways—however you do, you’re sure to get compliments!
The garter stitch stripes and contrast slipped stitch rows are perfect for showcasing a gradient of colors, like this kit of Yummy 2-Ply Toes by Miss Babs."

"A very simple to knit, reversible, boomerang shaped shawlette that can be made longer by continuing to knit until you’re out of yarn. Great beginner project using slipped stitches and garter. If you want it longer, just add more yarn!"

"Imagine the softest, most luxurious yarn, in your favorite color, creating a beautifully draped piece of fabric there to wrap your shoulders on a chilly day. 
Imagine a series of triangles shaping up in a fun exciting way, but still making your knitting easy enough to relax…"

Cashmere- Sundara Yarn’s 

"Cashmere and lace make for one truly decadent shawl. The stockinette body flies by while the lace edging keeps it interesting — play around with color and have some fun!"

In Paris

Start thinking of snuggling up and making one of these shawls to guard against the chill.

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