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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tuesday's Eclectic Thoughts- Somethings Finished, Somethings Started

     OK, so I had a no good, rotten day yesterday because little things went wrong.  My hat blocked too large (I'm conferring with my more experienced knitting buddy on if I can block again).  I had no whole milk for my tea kinda day.  Yet my hubby took his lunch break to bring us milk and it was small stuff, but in the end after fighting with my blog for hours to make the font right (stubborn computer), I decided knitting a mysterious critter is what I needed.  Yup, I just needed it, go figure.   So my hubby understood such a silly need and picked up some "I Love This Wool" in natural, all wool, ivory and more needles so I could begin My Mystery Critter.  I'm all set to create a Sheila !

My start on Sheila - mystery Critter KAL started August 1st.

     My Adventure Hat is great,  I made it perfectly sized, but when I blocked it it became too loose.  I want it snug, actually I want it the way it was before I blocked!  My fault when I think back because I should've blocked it a size smaller than my head, instead of using a bowl and towel to make it the identical size as my head.  So note to self- next time use a bowl the size I knit it, which was a slightly smaller size than my head, so I would have a snug fit that I like.  

     Today I'm starting another Hat KAL (August 1st to End of September).  This KAL you make as many hats as you can (many are for Christmas gifts), with any pattern you want and each finished hat is entered in a drawing for a prize.  I'm going to use another pattern suggested in last month's July Hat KAL- Choose Your Own Adventure - Hat KAL .  I liked all their pattern suggestions and it'd be fun to work through them all, but this time I want to use up some wool stash and do the garter trim hat with seed stitch on green.  Next month I'll get some new wool and start some Christmas hats.  I'm eyeing the Knit Picks wool called Wool of the Andes Worsted Yarn in amazing colors and so affordable.

     On an upbeat note, I finished my TGV shawl!!! Simply Saturday- My TGV Shawl is Finished!  This blocking worked, I sprayed the shawl, eased the tight spots on the neck edge as recommended in the pattern and simply let it dry on my table.  Perfect.  I still have a few stray yarns to weave in, but being that it's still hot outside, I'm not in a hurry!  It'll look great in the Fall over a white or black shirt, actually lots of colors.  It's getting packed this Fall for Maine.

Before Blocking

     While finishing up projects last week, I made myself put my Sherbet Heavenly Shawl for the Summer 2016 KAL on the back burner.  I worked on it a bit, but not as much as I would've  liked so I could get stuff done.  So this week I'll get back to it more, the KAL is almost over, but I'm giving myself the month of August to get it done.  It's my summer treat!

For a longer list of KALs in August take a look at my post- Monday Moments and Welcome to August and This Month's KALs.

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