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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday's Yarn Along

Today I'm sharing with Ginny at her "Small Things" blog; 
come join me and share what you are reading and knitting in "Yarn Along".

     This weekend I got sidetracked with a PussyHat Project and then for fun I converted it to a conventional hat.  But I used The Big Hat pattern instead of the original pussyhat pattern.  I then ripped it out,  just to show others that redoing and recycling of all those hats and donating to women in need would be a good way to use the hats if they're not going to be used again.  Cute results, and I just have the pom pom left to do.  More details: Tuesday's Knitting Away

          Now I'm back to my Peace Cowl in KnitPicks Preciosa Tonal Fingering Yarn in Bonsai and finishing my Don't Mind the Gap hat which is made from Swish DK Yarn  in Cobblestone Heather.  Hoping to wrap up my hats at the end of the week.

     Next week I'm hoping to go on to the Dreambird and knit it in Knit Picks Chroma Fingering.  The feathers in Lupine and for the background I decided to use the new Chroma Twist Fingering in natural, because the twist ought to make it a bit more durable.  

       I'm still reading the Ingrid Skyberg FBI Thrillers series and I'm on the fourth book.  I went over the previous books in last two week's of Yarn Along - Wednesday's Yarn Along - Jan. 11, 2017 and Wednesday's Yarn Along - Jan.18, 2017.  The 4th book is Deep Hurt (Ingrid Skyberg FBI Thrillers Book 4) Kindle Edition by Eva Hudson .  I've read not only the series but the short stories that are meant to be read in between the books.  But I love it when you know the characters in a book and immediately feel "at home" when you start the next book in the series and can enjoy the dialogue, interaction between characters and plot.  Really having fun with this series and I was surprised to discover #5 and #6 (new).  Goodreads - Deep Hurt


  1. Your hat looks great--and the peace cowl is going to be lovely when finished. The Dreambird is a new pattern to me, I can't wait to see how you knit it up!

    1. The Dream bird is being done by a few in our knitting group and one lady is teaching us. It looks not so easy, the feathers are lots of German Short rows. But they say it gets better, and easier over time. I couldn't resist the challenge.

  2. The Dreambird is amazing! Those colors just pop! Can't wait to see how yours goes.
    You are so industrious! All I did today was shovel and rest!

  3. Rest actually sounds nice and we need snow here on the Front Range in Colorado! When I go to knitting group we knit for hours, but with the talking, I'm not sure how much work was actually done, but that's OK, we had fun.

  4. beautiful hat and beautiful you! Love the dreambird and all of your other knits are fantastic. I am so motivated to knit during the winter months.