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Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Free Patterns - Knitting with Bare Yarn

     January a season to stop and reflect.  Cleanout, declutter.  Make resolutions, or decide to just do it differently.  To me white represents this clean start to me.  It also is sometimes snowing, like yesterday, leaving a landscape covered with white and clean looking.  A new beginning, a Bare canvas.  So it's natural for me to want to turn to Bare Yarn from Knitpicks, their undyed collection of their yarns.  Oooo, ahhhhhh...

    For Christmas I got some Bare Yarn by Knitpicks and I want to get more for knitting this January and February.  I'm going to use the Bare Wool of the Andes Worsted Yarn for off white fingerless gloves and I'm eyeing the wool and cashmere blend Bare Capretta for a simple cowl - Very Gifted Cowl .  There are so many varieties of bare yarn at knitpicks, take a look.  Be inspired whether you plan to dye it or use the yarn plain.  In each skein of bare yarn there is twice the amount of yarn for the price of a dyed skein.  Simple and beautiful.

     Here are a few free patterns I've dug up while looking for inspiration for hats, fingerless gloves, socks and cowls, all FREE!!!
 Don't you love Ravelry?  
The designers are so generous to give us their creations to enjoy.

     This cowl looks like it can be done in worsted or bulky, it's a pattern in German and while I got a translation through google, the yarn type isn't specified.  Some Bare yarns to look at might be Bare Preciosa (Merino wool, worsted), very soft, I'm using it now dyed,  Bare Wool of the Andes Superwash Worsted,  Bare Cadena Yarn (Wool & Alpaca, Bulky) and Bare Wool of the Andes Superwash Bulky.

A cowl done in Bulky Yarn that is very popular - GAP-tastic Cowl - Free Pattern, might be done in  Bare Swish Bulky Yarn.

     Another NEW Cowl, just hot off the presses and FREE: Natashenka's Super Simple Bulky Brioche Infinity is made with Super Bulky yarn and would look nice in The Big Cozy (In Natural), a super soft and super super bulky (it'll be very puffy) or use Bulky and as the designer suggested just downsize your needles or double your yarn.  Use Bulky yarns like  Bare Wool of the Andes Superwash Bulky or Bare Cadena Yarn (Bulky Peruvian Highland Wool & Alpaca).

Worsted in the Bare Yarns are very affordable, especially since their line of dyed Wool of the Andes Worsted Yarn which is Peruvian Highland Wool is already very inexpensive and nice.  The Bare Wool of the Andes Worsted Yarn I have is a beauty in itself.  Makes you want to dream of what you could do with it.  I've decide on the Irish Hiking Mitts (Free Pattern) a little bit below.

A few Worsted Free Patterns to check out -

Here's a cowl done in Aran that can be made up in Bare Andes del Campo (Aran/Heavy Worsted Wt., Rustic Highland Wool):


The Bare Yarn collection is filled with lots of fingering weight yarns, too many to make one suggestion, so check them out.  They're made for dreaming.

A few Fingering weight projects and yarns:


     The Peace Cowl I've been working on the past month I had thought about doing it again in Chroma Fingering Yarn in Natural (same as the Bare Collection just not grouped with them).

     But I decide instead to do this simple cowl - Very Gifted Cowl because it's been calling to me for awhile.  I just love this pattern, it's adjustable for all different sizes of yarn.  The original pattern is made of a beautiful yarn with cashmere and I am a cashmere nut.  If I can afford it.  But alas this yarn is too pricey for me.  Looking at the Bare Yarn I found Bare Capretta!   A really good looking yarn with Fine Merino Wool and Cashmere (just a bit) and nylon.  I'm thinking the yarn will be soft while having a bit of stability with the nylon.  

Another pattern adjustable to different weights of yarn:


And for adventures in knitting with very fine wool, bamboo and silk.  While the Bare Yarns suggested here are not quite the same as the ones recommended for the White Caps Cowl, I think they would be just as nice, at a fraction of the cost.  Bare Paragon Yarn (Merino Wool, Alpaca and Silk, Sport Wt.) and Bare Galileo Yarn (Sport Wt. Merino Wool and Viscose from Bamboo) for a different look.

     Happy knitting in Bare Wool! Or dye it! That's an adventure I haven't done yet, but it is sure to be an amazing one with great results.  For dyeing supplies and how-to's: KnitPicks Yarn Dyeing Supplies, and the internet has so many natural dyeing how-to's also, just be careful and follow guidelines when using harmful material.  Because of that I'm inclined to start with natural methods like this one- NATURAL DYE TUTORIAL: BLUE YARN FROM BLACK BEANS!   But my knitting friend back East says she dyes with Jacquard dyes (what KnitPicks sells) to get the brightest colors and she just uses gloves, doesn't breath the fumes and doesn't reuse utensils and pots for food.  I think to me it's a matter if I had small children in the house (or a sensitive pet).  But have fun, Bare is where I'm starting!

Just a note, I do not personally represent the Knitpick company, I just love their yarn and it's great to support companies that have a good product and make it affordable for the rest of us!


  1. I haven't noticed all the bare options from KnitPicks! You've inspired me!

    1. Oh good! I could spend a lifetime trying them all! So pretty!

  2. This is really interesting. I want to try dying with madder at some point, but I had never thought about where to get yarn to dye. Now I know! This sounds like a great and economical product!

    1. Let me know how it goes, I'd love to try dyeing also. But, I'm glad I'm quite happy with bare and natural for now.