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Friday, January 20, 2017

February KAL's Coming UP!

     My blog post about last month January KAL's Coming Up was chocked full of KAL's (Knit Alongs) and February is a little thin on the list.  You might want to take a look at January's list too because many of those KALs run till March, and they're lovely.   I get my list from KAL Fanatics and probably more will be added before the month's out.  But I wanted to get what was out there so people would have time to get their yarn and needles. Have fun, get some great ideas, save them for a later day if your life is full of projects, but most of all be inspired!

February MKAL 2017

"When the Holidays are over, it is time to treat yourself and relax with a gorgeous gradient shawl!
'Love yourself, whatever makes you different, and use it to make you stand out. Mine is my voice and the fact that I’m gay: well, the fact that I’m flamboyantly gay.' - Ross Mathews 

Gay, straight, bi, Thai… I think we can all agree, we make some amazingly distinct shawls!

This is an heart shaped mystery shawl for the month of February and full of bold sts and beads. This shawl is worked from the top down and the mystery is hosted in the bunnymuff group! "

PatternFebruary MKAL 2017 by bunnymuff 
Groupbunnymuff group Moderatormona8pi 
Description: A heart shaped shawl full of bold sts and beads; worked from the top down 
Clue 1 - 1 February 
Clue 2 - 8 February 
Clue 3 - 15 February 
Clue 4 - 25 February 
Price: $4.99 USD 
KAL Chat

Winter's Whisper - Free Till Feb. 1st!

Designs by Mesha and Cauldron’s Path present Winter’s Whisper! a MKAL for the new year.
Pattern will be free until Clue 1 release on the 1st of February. NO COUPON NEEDED, simply add to cart!
Pattern: Winter’s Whisper 2017 by Designs by Mesha 
Group: Designs by MeshaModerator:** MeshaMarie 
Description: A crescent shaped shawl featuring cables, beads and nupps; worked top down 
Clue 1 - 1 February 
Clue 2 - 3 February 
Clue 3 - 10 February 
Clue 4 - 17 February 
Price: Free until 1 February, $5 after MKAL completion 
KAL Chat

Winter’s Whisper is a top down shawl that features cables, lace, beads and some Estonian elements. There is a center panel with symmetrical wings on either side. Based on blocking style this shawl could be crescent shaped or have more of a rounded triangle feel to it!

Secrets by Susan Barstein 
Group: SknitsB 
Description: MKAL accessory/other - calls for worsted weight yarn. 
Dates: Begins February 6th 
Price: $6.50 USD
"Are you ready for some “me” knitting after the holidays? Here’s the third annual mystery knit-a-long from SKNITSB! There are 4 clues, and every clue will come to you in your ravelry mailbox..."

Hope Rising Shawl MKAL

Hope Rising Shawl MKAL by Sarah Vance Designs 
Group: When Calls the Heart MKAL 
Description: MKAL fingering weight shawl to celebrate a new season of When Calls the Heart. 2 colors. There are kits available here if you wish to purchase one, but kit yarn is not required. 
Dates: Begins February 19th 
Price: Free 
Chat thread here

"Alaskan Yarn Co. is hosting the 2nd annual When Calls the Heart Mystery Knit-A-Long!
Do you love a little mystery? …like not knowing if Jack will ever propose to Elizabeth? (sigh) Watch and knit a shawl with us as we see what will unfold this season! Have enough shawls? We have an MKAL for that! Knit the ultimate mystery for loads of fun with the Hope Rising MKAL."

 Kanga Kiwi KAL

Rules: Any knitting pattern by any Australian or New Zealand designer using any yarn produced in Australia or New Zealand or hand dyed by an Aussie or Kiwi indie dyer. 

Dates: 1st - 28th February 2017 

"Choose 3 skeins of gorgeous sock yarn and head over here to join Ambah and friends in a fun mystery knit-a-long. Over 6 weeks, four clues will reveal a shawl, that will keep you guessing. Enjoy the company of others as you solve the mystery and finish yours on time to be in the running to win some great prizes."

Group: AMBAH 
Description: MKAL shawl in fingering weight. Calls for 3 colors of yarn.

Dates: CLUE 1: February 3, 2017. 
CLUE 2: February 10, 2017. 
CLUE 3: February 24, 2017. 
CLUE 4: March 10, 2017. 
MKAL FINISH DATE: March 19, 201. 

Price: $6 ($2 off coupon if purchased before February 3rd) 

"Welcome to the Through the Loops Mystery Sock 2017! Please join the Fans of Through the Loops group to participate in the KAL, ask questions, and show off your progress. "

TTL Mystery Sock 2017 by Kirsten Kapur 
Group: Fans of Through the Loops designs by Kirsten Kapur 
Description: MKAL socks. Calls for 2 colors of fingering weight yarn. Made from the top down. Available in 3 sizes. 
Dates: Begins February 1st 
Price: $4.00 increasing to $6 after February 1st 
Chat thread

Yarn Over New York

ForumYarn Over New York 
Description : Hat partially with Brioche stitch in worsted yarn 
Pattern : Romancing the Brioche 
Start Date: Feb 1 
End Date: Feb 28 
Price: The pattern will be FREE for the duration of the KAL.

Snowmelt Shawl MKAL


Pattern goes on pre-sale on Monday 23 January 2017 at a special Early Bird Price. First clue released Thursday 2 February 2017.

"Melt into spring with 8 weeks of knitting, camaraderie and mystery!"
"It's that moment between the last slow weeks of winter and the first sweet days of spring. There’s a gentle tension in the air as the thaw begins: the cosy joys of hibernation give way to a pleasant restlessness. Your heart stirs and the sap starts to run. This is a season of growth and change, but it begins quietly, deep in the frozen ground, before the last of the ice has even disappeared."
"This time of year feels nearly miraculous. It offers a chance to renew the dreams that have slept for so long beneath a blanket of snow. The earth is preparing to surprise itself again with a wild swell of springtime creativity. It’s a call to adventure and an invitation to stretch our own creative powers. It’s time to uncover what this fresh new season has in store."
"The Snowmelt Shawl Mystery Knit-Along is all about setting aside some time to nourish our creativity together. The design unfolds at a gentle pace, week by week, as each clue is released, ending with a stunning new accessory to treasure through many seasons. This shawl is a tribute to the slow process and deep satisfaction of creating something beautiful."
"Snowmelt captures the romantic style with a contemporary edge that knitters have come to expect from Curious Handmade designs. Stretches of satisfying texture and simple, effective lace make this a deeply engaging pattern that will surprise you and keep you guessing as you move through the clues. It’s approachable for adventurous beginners but interesting enough to delight veteran shawl knitters. No matter where you’re starting from, this MKAL is the perfect way to celebrate the unfolding of a new season and the fresh energy of growth and discovery."

Group: Curious Handmade 
Description: 3 color fingering weight shawl.

Dates: Clue #1: Thursday 2 February 
Clue #2: Thursday 9 February 
Clue #3: Thursday 16 February 
Clue #4: Thursday 23 February 
Clue #5: Thursday 2 March

Price: unknown at this time (pattern goes on sale on 1/23/17)

Here's to a Happy February!

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