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Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday's Fantasy Knits - Spring Cowls

     Alright confession time: I'm behind and I'm nearing the end of last month's projects, but to get a freer feeling (besides finishing) I need to clear my plate of my expectations.  I've decide to dump all winter projects because even though it's the end of January and here we will have lots of snow in March and April, I feel like Spring is around the corner.  We're also moving.  (More details on my Random Thoughts blog).

      So I'm gearing up for leaving and I still want to do my Birthday Dreambird  (the knitting group I'm in is doing a KAL with it) and I'm ordering my yarn today.  (That means I've got to be done by next week!)

     So I wanted something else, a cowl.  I was thinking something more for spring and lighter and while I hunted I came up with these patterns.  I'll let you know next week which I picked.  But I did know that I wanted some Swish DK Yarn  for whatever I did.  It's so soft, and I'll miss working on the hat I'm finishing for a gift.  So I'm getting 2 different colors, a fixed circular needle in Caspian Wood and a cable needle to avoid shipping costs (hint, hint).

     So here are some cowls I've been considering.

Hope you're inspired for Spring knitting!


  1. This is the next cowl I want to make:

    1. Nice cowl, I added to my Ravelry list. What yarn are you using. The one in the picture seems to have different thicknesses, what would you call that. Roving? Single ply, but it's got much more texture than just single ply. I think the yarns the key. I'll be excited to check your blog for it!