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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tuesday's Knitting Away

Joining "Frontier Dreams" today and sharing my creations

If you want to visit me and read about my thornier issue connected to Women's rights and how I'm pretty divided personally on the subject, come on over to my Random Thoughts blog.  Link on right.  I wanted to avoid going into it here, but then again I didn't want anyone making assumptions of my viewpoint, such as it is in it's fence sitting glory!  Here's my random thoughts - The Women's March - Just Random Thoughts.

     I've got my hands full with projects to finish and I seem to be tackling them the way I do a meal - a little bit at a time, rotating them.  Hoping this week to wrap them up.  (Have I been saying that every week? Sigh.)  Then, I got sidetracked this weekend making the PussyHat Project.  I thought about it Friday night and I realized I really felt left out not making one.  I didn't have time to make the original Pussyhat Project, but a Facebook friend had given me her pattern in Super Bulky yarn and I realized that the instructions were fairly close to The Big Hat pattern I had been making this winter.  I love this pattern and the hat is real cute, but I didn't have a hat of my own yet!  So I devised a scheme to make a Pussyhat in a day, then convert it to The Big Hat so I'd have my pom pom hat, also I thought this might be a viable solution for what's going to happen to all those hats - recycle them, donate them!

     So I asked my husband to take me to Joanns across town (this is a long drive, "town" is a sprawling Colorado Springs).  Hum, no big deal you say, well I can't drive right now and he's super busy working his off hours on maintenance for our buildings and others and he hates fabric stores!  So I lured him with the Starbucks store next to it and we left early.  I got to get some pink yarn!  I was going for this bright Hometown USA Phoenix Pink, then switched to a brighter pink, and then I mosey overed to my loved Wool-Ease Thick & Quick and I realized one skein of that would do the trick (it's the only yarn I've used for this hat so far) and I scaled my pink down to a mauve looking salmon realizing that I could always wear this hat, it'd match the grey coat and mauve scarf I already own.

     So at Starbucks I started.  In front of the fireplace with my own designer latte - a "half-calf, whole milk, latte with only bar caramel drizzled on the top, nothing sweetener on the bottom."  Can you tell I lived in New York State?  Also my husband worked at Starbucks once, where I figured exactly what I wanted on his free mistakes.  Only thing I could think about was this was my first time at Starbucks this whole winter and this was sooo nice.  Happy husband, happy me, Latte, yarn and knitting, and a fireplace (sigh, a good one).

     So I'm knitting purely so I could feel connected.  I had my Sister-in-law in Washington and my best friend from the East.  I was hesitant at first to knit a hat.   And I realized going into it here seemed too wordy and maybe obnoxious to someone who doesn't want to "talk" politics, so I created a post on my Random Thoughts blog, realizing I need to post there more often, once a week perhaps.  Here's my random thoughts - The Women's March - Just Random Thoughts.

      By the time I got home the brim was done, I brought up the march and listened to speeches while I knit.  It just helped me, and it was a fun knit!  I knit this hat for 8" and then cast off.  I took a few pictures, for fun and then, yes, a bit crazy, I know, I ripped out the closure, put it on needles and I'm still knitting.  I added one more inch and I'm decreasing now.  Pom pom later.  Check out yesterday's blog for details and also some thoughts on how to recycle your pink hat.  Monday Moments - How to Repurpose and Recycle Your Pussy Hat

     My other goal was to see could I make the hat and then Repurpose it (Monday Moments - How to Repurpose and Recycle Your Pussy Hat), which ended up being fairly easy.  I ripped my seam out, placed it on needles and finished The Big Hat pattern (well actually I am at the very top of the hat now and I need to make it's pom pom).  I'm keeping mine, but I think giving the hats away, if you don't plan to use it again, to a shelter or Homeless woman would be very nice.  Some people want to keep theirs for future marches, that, of course is awesome!  Or just wear them.  Just as long as we don't waste!  

My friends Maureen and her daughter in Washington, DC.  Maureen, an old friend from the East is my "knitting expert" I always mention and she is wearing the PussyHat Project done in the recommended Malabrigo yarn.  I'm awaiting close up shots of this beautiful knit hat!  Apparently they were at a standstill the whole time, about 5 hours of standing, but they were within a block and listening distance of the stage, so I'm thinking that's a prime location! 

Maureen's Pussyhat in Malabrigo-

Thanks to everyone who marched for all of us!

And when I'm done I'll post more pictures!  I'm expecting a real cute hat!

Some more musings and pictures on the day of The Women's March - Simply Saturday - The Women's March (Jan. 21, 2017)

After -

Still needs the Pom Poms!


  1. I love that you knitted in solidarity - it was an amazing sight to see the pictures of so many people in Washington, though from today's news I think little of the message was well received by its target. I will frankly admit that I have no idea what sort of drink your Starbucks order makes but it sounded like a lovely spot to be cosy and knit!

    1. I think it doesn't matter if we didn't dent the other side. Maybe I shouldn't say that, but I didn't expect anything else. But the sense of unity, coming together and fighting to be treated right, that's what counted. Over time hopefully it will lead to change. Apathy would lead to no change. On the ground my friend said it was amazing, especially the love.

  2. I'm glad you didn't include your "politics" in your post, but gave a separate link. I was telling my husband how tired I am of the knitting community that are constantly bringing politics into their blogs...I read them for the knitting.