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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Simple Cowl

     Years ago I was in a Gap store trying to measure a cowl with my eyes, a pile laid out on the table.  Instantly I knew they were that perfect cowl size.  Trying it on was an instant sigh from me.  Just big enough to go over your head, but not too tight either.  A stockinette stitch, nothing fancy (which to my mind translates areas that can be scratchy).  I wanted it, but I couldn't afford it, so I memorized its size.  Years later I've been still trying to recreate that cowl.  I think I've got it!  The first cowl rolled and slumped too far away from my neck to do much good.  As Goldilocks said, this one's just right.

     I've created The Simple Cowl for a KAL I will host in Ravelry Resistance Knitters group on November 1st for the month.  The theme will be "Cowls & Scarves for Asylum Seekers".  We'll be knitting for Asylum Seekers in asylum cities in the Northeast.  We do have direct contact with the head of a relief organization that delivers our knits (more details in the group).

     The Simple Cowl is a partner to The Simple Hat pattern (free).

     My cowl pattern will be released on November 1st.  I'll be providing a coupon code in the Ravelry Resistance Knitters group on the thread for the "Cowls & Scarves for Asylum Seekers" KAL to get the cowl for free.  Otherwise, I'm changing a small price that in my mind might supply me in more yarn! 😁

Many of these are The Simple Hat:

     Our September - October Hats for Migrants KAL  is wrapping up this week and we've had lots of hats made for Asylum Seekers in Northeast cities.  Top knitters exceeded 30 hats!  One of our top hitters of knit hats was Dknit52 (hats above).

          I'm loving The Golden Hour  by Beatriz Williams.  Set in the Bahamas in 1941.  A reporter Lulu is trying to gather information about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (the Duke is the Bahamas Governor during the war).  Personally, all I had known before this book was that the Duke had abdicated his throne to marry an American, which seemed romantic.  Little did I know, until I did a bit of research, that the couple were known for their sympathy to the Nazi regime.  Making several trips to Germany to fawn over Hitler.  Apparently, the former King Edward VIII of Britain was related to Czar Nicholas II who was killed with all his family by the Communists, so Edward favored Fascists.  The British feared that Hitler would kidnap Edward and the Germans almost did!  If they conquered England they wanted to install him as a puppet king.  But they narrowly missed him because he went to the Bahamas.  Churchill forced him to become Governor of the Bahamas because he knew what could happen.  How this plays out in the book I'm not far enough in to know, but I'm hooked and it's a great read so far.

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  1. I love how committed you are to the HATS cause

  2. Interesting book! And, that cowl does look "just right"! Thank you for the patterns!

  3. That cowl looks just right for me. I prefer a short cowl also. Great patterns.

  4. So now I need to get this book too! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. 20 weeks to get The Golden Hour ebook. I'm on a wait list at my library.

  6. So I went for the audio version...15 weeks to wait.