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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Creating a Cowl for a KAL and a New Book

     I love simplicity, and in knitting even more so.  Give me something that goes in circles on a small circular needle, like a hat and I'm in heaven.  Reading my book weighted down by a Vermont Store Leather Weight; tea by my side, a cat close at my feet.  Knitting nirvana, peace and sense of calm returns.  So I'm quite happy knitting hats for the Hats for Migrants KAL and I'll probably continue afterwards.

       In this vein I'm trying to create a sister pattern for my pattern The Simple Hat for a simple cowl.  Even simpler, there's no decreasing!  But I've been stalled this past week busy helping inventory at the artist Rockey's Print Studio and hopefully by next week I'll have a handle on what my pattern will be.  My first version was simple, but simply rolled too much!  I now know what I want to do, I just got to get that first one done, and cast on a new cowl!  This is all for another KAL I'm planning for November 1st in Ravelry Resistance Knitters group called Cowls and Scarves for Asylum Seekers!

     I finally finished my last Anna Pigeon book, "Ill Wind" by Nevada Barr, it was very very good!  I'm trying to hold off reading more of her mysteries for now.  I might not be successful, they are that good!  But I have a pile and half of my top bookshelf filled with BOTM selections.  So I put the most likely books to interest me into a pile and read the first page, or jacket cover.

     The winner is: "The Golden Hour" by Beatriz Williams.  Immediately the time period WWII grabs me.  As also the setting of the Caribbean. The words are descriptive and paint the scene in prose that's just right.  I could feel myself being reeled in.  A story of a journalist writing about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.  Always an interesting story in itself, a man who gave up the throne for the love of a woman.  The pace of the book matches my mood and the oncoming Fall weather.

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  1. Lovely stack of books (and I think a cowl is the perfect companion for a hat!)

    Your photo's are just so lovely!

  2. The description of your setting is lovely.

  3. It is always good to have a stack of books at the ready. Good luck with that cowl. I love the blue of the sample.

  4. What a beautiful depression statement. Thank YOU I will share it.
    Cowl looks like it is going to be a winner!

  5. I first seen your post in Knitters United on FB. I haven't been doing much reading or knitting. Now that my schedule has slowed down some I will check out some of your books that you have listed. I've been itching to try to knit a cowl. I am definitely interested in the KAL. How do I sign up for the ones coming up and for the hat KAL that you mentioned.

    1. I'm in Ravelry Resistance Knitters, you can come on by and join and I'll post about the upcoming KAL on a thread there towards the second half of October. But it'll be starting November 1st and there will be an active thread in our Ravelry group. I'm designing a simple, easy cowl but any pattern or fiber will do. Or a scarf. When you're done with one or several you'll PM a member for the private address of the head of Suenos Sin Fronteras who gets our creations delivered to Northeast Asylum Cities. Thanks! 😁 We'll have fun and I'll do some contests.