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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

One of Those Days

     It's been a dizzying week.  One minute plans to move to be with my son in Maine (which would mean leaving my daughter whose a Senior in High School to finish her last year) and the next he's saying he'll come here to help take care of Dad and get a job.  My husband has been sick for months with something the doctors can't, as of yet diagnosis.  They've eliminated all the big things, no cancer, Parkinson's (which I thought it was) or MS.  I'm stalled in reading and knitting with my son's girlfriend saying work with your hands and it'll help you from thinking.  So here I am, I'll try.

     Today is a good day, my husband is out and about.  We got Medicaid to cover all of us, instead of just him.  And, in the works, our elderly landlord wants us back in his house looking after him (at a vastly reduced rent).  This tough old man whose nickname is "Bad Bob" just gave us $100 off the rent the last two months as a get-well card.

     So I'll get back to my cowl (I'm knitting a simple cowl for a pattern for an upcoming KAL for Cowls & Scarves for Asylum Seekers in Northeast Asylum Cities in Ravelry Resistance Knitters group on November 1st).  I'm trying to think good, happy yarny thoughts and dream of being back in the woods.  It's a cute house where we lived a few years ago.  A beautiful garden.  Lots of room and oddly, I know exactly where everything goes!

     I've been reading a freebie I got through The Fussy Librarian, a daily email I get for free books.  The Money Trail is good but it's the fifth book in the series and at times I hit details that I don't quite get.  At night I like a book on my kindle because I read in bed and my husband goes to bed ahead of me.  But I'm ready to return to a more languid work set in the past.  I got far enough into The Golden Hour to realize it'll be a great book.  And I'm ready for some escapism reading.

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  1. I'm glad you were able to get Medicaid to cover your family; it has been a lifesaver for us as well. When will you moving back into your landlord's house? When your son comes out to help take care of your husband will he be moving in there as well? There seems to be lots of change in the works for you. If things are too stressful right now and you can't work up an original cowl pattern we can always use various free patterns out there. There's no shortage, and now it seems you will be packing and moving soon, so you'll have even more to do, right? Those of us who are doing the knit-alongs will continue to do so regardless of how much you are able to do to participate, so don't stress yourself. Hang in there.

    1. Thanks for your good thoughts. I find sometimes my knitting the only predictably sane and peaceful thing, up there with a book, my cat and a soothing cup of tea. Thankfully, I know what to expect and I started doing a clean out of extra stuff the beginning of the week. My son decided this last night with his girlfriend who is coming with him and going to try and sort out the delay of doctors, then she'll go back to being an Art teacher and keeping their beautiful apartment. Meanwhile my son is looking forward to exploring new job avenues here. But my husband meets with the landlord Friday, so I don't know exactly when we're moving. We're all sticking together! Thankfully, bigger place. Oh and I actually figured out my pattern and it's working. Really simple cowl!

  2. Oh, my. You have lots on your plate! I am sending good thoughts your way as they figure out what might be wrong with your hubby. Change and uncertainty are never good companions, thank goodness for knitting and good books!

  3. Goodness sakes. You have a lot to contend with right now. Sending you good thoughts that it all gets sorted out soon. What a wonderful son you have. Take good care and keep on knitting.

  4. Keeping this time of trials in your life, in my heart and prayers