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Thursday, October 24, 2019

New Day, New Cardigan


     My schedule has changed with a new part-time job.  I'm learning how to dictate phone calls for the hearing impaired.  After training I have Thursdays off, so I thought I better switch my blog post days to Thursday.  So here I am!

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     The call center where we work is beautiful.  One of those new buildings in North Colorado Springs with glassed walls filled with mountains marching in the horizon; Pikes Peak rising above them.  We get nice roomy cubicles and so far I'm very challenged; I will never be bored!  We repeat verbatim calls a few words behind a caller we can hear, and the computer types out what we say.  So the center is cold and I came up with the idea of making a cardigan for work to keep me warm.  Midnight after my shift this week I found this simple, free pattern Life is Cosy.  It's made in Super Bulky yarn, I'm using Lion's Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Fossil and I've been working on it the past two days.  Ripping out a few times and finally, I got it started!  What fun.  It's going to be soft and cozy, and warm!

     Have I mentioned I can knit at work?  In between calls and right now as I listen to presentations.  Hats are my go-to, requiring no thought.  I've gotten a lot done, while I've learned a lot.  One thing only a knitter could understand; I am so more able to concentrate when my hands are occupied.  Glazing over?  I grab my knitting!  Miraculously, I wake up and are more attentive.  But I purposely picked two hats I'm knitting (The Simple Hat and a Sockhead) that are fairly mindless knitting.  Probably like a fidget for someone else.

(Mini pumpkin decorated during our mini-break at work; art supplies supplied. I've read Kindergarten art is the most free-flowing, replicating that level!😁)

     Halfway through The Golden Hour, a great read.  I highly recommend it.  Just well written; interweaving several time periods.  It goes from 1943 in England, back to the past in Bermuda in 1941, and then back to 1900.  I think it's taken half the book to understand why the switches, but it keeps you wondering what's around the corner.  A unique style of writing.  I'm really enjoying it.

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  1. What a fun job! My son is in the process of learning some sign language - his girlfriends parents are both deaf. That sweater does look like the perfect thing for a chilly office! (and this is the exact reason why I keep the link up open until Sunday night! Thank you for joining us!)

  2. That sounds like a very rewarding job -- plus knitting and crafting! Enjoy!

  3. Lovely summary of your job! hats are a great go to when you are busy and do not need to decipher charts!