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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wednesday's Yarns - Entering Into the Quiet

Project Peace 2017

Project Peace is a knit-along in December led by The Healthy Knitter.  This is the second year, I did it last year (Project Peace - 2016 a cowl) and it was wonderful!  21 days of knitting together and Chistina Campbell blogging on aspects of awakening peace within.  This year we're doing a scarf in a ripple pattern because she hopes that peace will ripple out towards the world for more world peace.

     As I do Project Peace 2017 I am trying to quiet my soul and enter into PEACE.  Some days I'm more successful than others.  And I want to remind myself to re-enter that quiet place.  The place where you actually have to strive to quiet your mind, your thoughts, your reminiscences (usually counterproductive negative ones) and stop.

  I find finding and acquiring peace as an active process I have to continually pursue and make myself behave. 

 But then there are glimpses of longer periods of peace attained.  Of thoughts corraled.

     Interestingly enough I don't grasp that peace until I've started to knit, or lay on the floor doing a combo of back exercises with some yoga, or when I'm walking down a hiking trail or remote road (where we live).  Peace comes when I've absorbed in a book also.  I once read that your brain enters a deeper place of rest when you engage in something like art or reading that takes you beyond this place called now.  You know the feeling.  You lose the sense of time.  Your brush strokes envelop you; the book becomes your landscape.  You and who you are gone, perhaps into the mists of time (a medieval book perhaps).  You become part of your book.  You disappear.  Without these areas to disappear in, without a creative outlet, my knitting, or baking a cake, I tend to stress.  I know I need these outlets for a peaceful existence.

To follow the Project Peace 2017 visit - The Healthy Knitter.  Just grab some stash or whisk on down to your LYS for some yarn.

     I finished my book yesterday and spent lots of time last night going over books I had downloaded, but nothing grabbed my interest.  Finally (a few minutes past my bedtime) I found the perfect book.  I think it's the way things are described that grabs my interest.  A musical sound to the words takes me immediately away.  This one did it.  We're standing in the courtyard of a church and there is a Spring breeze blowing over the wall, the swallows are making noises overhead and all are hushed because the first church marriage was taking place in years.  The sacredness of the moment is captured.  This is definitely a take me away somewhere else read: The Warrior's Wife (The Warriors Series Book 1) by Denise Domning.

"Call To Arms!" Edmund Blair Leighton

Edmund Leighton "God Speed!"


  1. I'm following the Peace project but I'm not knitting this year. I knew it would stress me out.

  2. Lovely post. I also like how you are keeping some thoughts about peace on the notecards. Great idea. I am following the blog posts and did purchase the pattern but am not currently knitting the shawl.

  3. I love your peaceful thoughts and that shawl knocks me over. I picked out some yarn from my stash for it, then decided I wasn't going to make another shawl, but I think yours is changing my mind!

  4. Peace is a wonderful Season !! I think of Christmas as the Season of the Prince of peace. But i find peace in snow falling, like now, outside my window. I find peace when I am working with the horses at our therapeutic riding center. Just grooming them puts me at peace!