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Friday, December 22, 2017

Welcome Blanket Done!

The Welcome Blanket

     I finally finished my Welcome Blanket last week and got it in the mail before the final deadline for distribution to an Immigrant.  Now I have more time to focus my Ripples of Peace Shawl (Project Peace 2017), knitting Boiled Wool Mittens for my son and making Christmas Cookies.

Jenny our newly adopted cat has been outside in the woods and above in an old shed. I'm slowly getting her inside.  So while my other cats got the heave-ho off the table, by the time Jenny came and curled up I didn't have the heart (the first time she curled up in the main area, usually she's penned up in my bedroom at nights).  She's just getting used to the inside.  Good because it's hitting low teens this week.

Happy Holidays 

and here's to a 

the New Year 

to up our Resistance efforts!!!

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