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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wednesday's Yarns- Tis The Season

     A quick post, an update, as I knit away on a gift (Boiled Fishermen's Mittens and more details on my project - Wednesday's Yarns and What's Up on Needles) and my Project Peace (details - Ripples of Peace Shawl and previous blog on it- Wednesday's Yarns - Entering Into the Quiet).

I'm off to shop with a toe-tapping teen who keeps on saying can we go yet? Are you done, Mom?  She just got her permit.  

     I'm reading the second book in a series by Denise Domning Awaken the Sleeping Heart (Children of Graistan Book 2).  The first book was great and I'm so far not disappointed by the second.  I like her writing, her characters, the plot and descriptions of scenes.  All in all great fun and romance in the Medieval era.

Come Join Us at Unraveled Wednesday

Happy Holidays!!!

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