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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Wednesday's Yarns and What's Up on Needles

      I had this plan.  Don't I always?  I wanted to clear my plate for the Project Peace 2017.  I've got my gorgeous Malabrigo Silky Merino and the needles, and all is ready for Friday, the start of the Project Peace.  But, I didn't quite get the right tone of burgundy I wanted from an order from KnitPicks last week for another "Just Knit It" scarf (my favorite scarf I wear around my neck).  So I went out and got a simple acrylic yarn to do it up fast (Lion's Heartland in Badlands), very nice and soft.  Meanwhile, my son's girlfriend gasped when she saw the yarn I had got from KnitPicks (Stroll Tonal Sock Yarn in Malbec) "Oh, I love that!" she says.  So I asked what she wanted in it.  And being a practical Mainer she said socks.  I've warned her I'm slow, but I do want to get them on needles today (even if they're done by Spring!).

     Then my son reminded me this morning how much he and Emily want those Boiled Fishermen's Mittens I'm making them for Christmas (I had intended to get them on needles Saturday).  So, they are getting started too.  He's right, two pairs, four mittens.  Not so hard, but I should start.  (My project details - Boiled Maine Mittens and the original article with the pattern made from the last mittens from an elderly lady who made these Fishermen's Mittens - Yankee Magazine "New England Boiled Wool Mittens" ).  Hum, I think I didn't clean my plate project-wise but stacked it!  Now, if I could organize my time better, and I'll just knit more.

      One way to get more knitting out of myself is to get a great Audible.  I have a few on my tablet now, but I bought the recommendation for me for this month - Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson.  I'm an Audible member so it was my free credit.  I'll listen and knit between my burgundy scarf, Boiled Wool Mitts, and Emily's Socks!  And I'll try not to drift to my pretty Malabrigo scarf I'm designing in Caribeno called "The Wave" (hopefully out by early Spring).

I'm still reading Trouble in High Heels (Fortune Hunter Book 1).  I wasn't sure at first, but I'm actually really enjoying it.  A handsome one night stand, meant to help Brandi get over a cheating fiance leads to unexpected results.  She's a new attorney and, guess what?  He's the client and a Monday morning surprise.  It's a fun read.


A freebie on Amazon Kindle today looks fun - The Templar's Cross: A Medieval Mystery (The Sir Law Kintour Mysteries Book 1) by J. R. Tomlin.  For more deals sign up for BookBub and specify your genre, they will e-mail you suggestions of free and really low-cost e-books you can buy.

     On Friday, December 1st, I might not have a free space to only work on the Project Peace 2017, but my heart, mind, and soul will definitely be absorbed with an effort to reach calm and peace.  So that my inner calm will touch others and ripple out.  It's a state of mind and intention and regardless of what I do, I'll apply it.  Afterall it isn't essential to finish the Ripples of Peace Scarf within 21 days but to embrace the concepts.  Every day for 21 days The Healthy Knitter will share tips on how to reach a more inward peace that can ripple out to touch our world and outward to the World.

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  1. You've got me interested in Project Peace. I love the blues you've picked. So peaceful.
    But do I need another project???

    1. I hear you. You can always just read her posts and last year's. Also there's Project Peace 2016 which was a free cowl pattern in Ravelry. Easy, rhythmic.

  2. I LOVE your malabrigo choices. I will go to healthy knitter and read her!
    Your family and friends sure filled up your knit plate fast with to do's! It is good for our knitting to be preferred and wanted!