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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Knitting On

Through good times or bad, or simply challenging times knitting is what soothes and calms my soul.  It is the constant despite all and I'm thankful for that gift of making.   

      I'm finishing up Will's hat.  I love the way it's worked up.  I'm a little unsure of when to start decreases because the hat's directions make a 9" hat, but Will wanted 11" and, yes I can do the math, but the ball of yarn is getting smaller and I want a good pom-pom at the end.  I'm nearing a turning point and soon I'll decide to decrease and maybe not go for the full 11".  Afterall a good pom-pom is important too!  Isn't it kind of nice to bring life down to what do I do so I can do a pom-pom vs. large life changes and decisions that can weigh one down?  Perhaps, for a mere moment, I'll pretend life is just a ball of yarn I need to pay attention to.

     And I started the Project Peace 2019 needing a simple project to carry that feeling of peace I discovered previous years as I knit and read The Healthy Knitter's blog.  Details - Project Peace 2019...let's do this!  Every December for 21 days the Healthy Knitter promotes peace through a knitting project.  This year we can choose among any of her previous Project Peace patterns, and then while knitting you check out her daily blog posts on peace - The Healthy Knitter.  I decided to do a shawl I've done before - The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief (because I constantly wear my teal one - "A Silky Shawl").  And I picked up some beautiful Malabrigo yarn in a local yarn shop - Ewe and Me in a deep purple  Blackberry Silky Merino.  A previous Project Peace used Malabrigo Silky Merino and I really connected that silky feel with peace, that stop-in-your-tracks and let-peace-seep-in type of peace.  I only just started but I'm thinking it will be special.  Debating whether to put clear beads on it.  Make it sparkle!

     I think I must be setting my beautiful book on my lap, reading a page or so and just knitting.  I have never spent so much time on just one book, and a good one too!  The Golden Hour is a delight for sure.  I guess if I'm stuck on a book and gazing out and just knitting, this certainly was the book to savor.  I guess I look like I'm reading.  But I'm getting my holiday knitting done!

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  1. Finally got the book from Home Library Service. Looking forward to starting it. Love the latest shawl! I'm a Malabrigo addict.

  2. I think all of life should be viewed through a knitters lens - and yes, each day's most challenging decisions should be how big a pom pom to make! I am not doing Peace Knitting this year, but you make me wish I was!

  3. I have been missing my knitting so. Now that my dad's passed and the funeral is over, I can begin to knit again.

  4. So sorry to hear about your Dad. But I'm glad you can knit. It's hard when you just can't, there's something just hanging you up from doing it. It'll be a relief to knit again. Nothing soothes like knitting and if not much else is gotten done at least the rows grow and something is created. I hope you heal inside.