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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Jon's Sockhead Hat

     I've been working on this Sockhead Hat for several months.  Perhaps it'll be done for Christmas.  Little needles and thin yarn, Patons Kroy Sock yarn in a natural heathered color called Flax.  The yarn is thinner than the Patons Kroy Sock yarn (colors in Maxim) I used last year on the same hat.  But this is a favorite hat of my son's; I made one last year for Christmas and I thought the color of the yarn would make for a good work hat for carpentry outside in winter.

Last year's Slouchy Hat modeled on my youngest daughter's head

     Still not finding time to read anything but the Morning Brief in The New York Times.  Hopefully today.

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A Happy & Merry Holidays to All!


  1. all that ribbing seems to take a long time but it will be lovely

  2. I found that hat to be slow going as well, but all of a sudden I was at the decreases! I hope this is true for you as well! (And, my your reading time return soon!!)

  3. I've knitted so many sockhead hats. I just pick them up when I want to knit but don't want any pattern. Mindless and relaxing. Great for binge watching.

  4. Very pretty gray. I think your son will love it - whenever it is finished. Take care.

  5. Oh tiny needle work is tedious but often yields the BEST finishes I think!!! Not reading anything but blogs.