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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Finishing Will's Hat

     I finished Will's hat at 10", instead of the 11' requested, leaving a good amount of yarn remaining for a pom-pom.

      Somehow today I'll get that pom-pom done and this post is done. How I'm not too sure. I start today on a new adventure of elderly home care.  So I press on and I'll do the blog today as I can.  Right now squeezed between brushing my teeth and my shower (thankful for small tablets!).

     Ah, reading? What's that?  I've read the New York Times Morning brief, every morning.  That's almost it.  A good way to know your news in a short informational burst.

Late Today - I did have a great day.  My first client was a sweet man that wanted cookies baked like his wife used to.  So I baked Chocolate Chip cookies (thanks to a large bag of chocolate chips in the freezer) and we talked of his WWII experience and some of his life and we had a great time.  I had planned not to go again. He was an hour's drive out up North above a forest and lived on an old ranch.  His grandson in a truck directed me to grandpa as to the left and over the cattle guard.  As soon as I arrived to my first-person my AP for work with all details failed, no service!  But the request for cookies and assurance from his nurse leaving that that was OK and I felt right at home. What a lovely way to start.  When I told him about my husband being sick he gently grabbed my hands and bowed his head and prayed for him. I was so touched.  Next week I get to see him again.  As for the blog, guess I'm finishing it tomorrow!
 Nope! Pressed on and now I need to go to bed! Back up North again tomorrow. It was so pretty, but I'll be up early for a long drive. Couldn't tell the scheduler no, especially when she said pretty please?

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  1. What a lovely way to spend a morning! Go you! (and I leave the link open until Sunday night just for this very reason!) I am so glad you join us!

  2. Hat's gorge. Just gorge. what a lovely thing to do for are the best!

  3. What a sweet experience you had with that gentleman. Such a touching story. Take good care. The hat looks warm and toasty. I bet it will be a welcome gift.

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