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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Wednesday's Yarns - A Green Fisherman's Scarf and "One Day in December"

© Purl Soho Seafaring Scarf

     One cold day walking with my husband I remarked he ought to have a scarf.  Well, he has a really long one done by his oldest daughter, but not that everyday scarf.  So scrounging around I found a beautiful green of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Tweed called "Kale".  With a quick Ravelry search of super bulky scarves I found the Seafaring Scarf which looks huge and long but what interested me was its thick stitch which is called a Fisherman's rib.  It's simple and involves knitting into the below stitch and purls.  I'm knitting it on size #15 needles.  The end result is a three-dimensional scarf, almost an inch deep!  I cut down the cast on stitches to 21 at first, then ripped out.  Then 19 stitches, still too thick for a men's scarf, I thought and I've settled for 15 cast on stitches.  I'm imagining a more narrow scarf that's not as long as the original.  I'm super happy with the ease of knitting and the squishy feel of the scarf.  I think it'll be super! (My project Ravelry page with details - Fisherman's Scarf). (Also I found a Cable cast on was a looser cast on opposed to Long-tail).

     I started "One Day In December" on December 21st, the exact day the book starts on.  It's a charming read and quirky verbally at times because it's British.  On that day Laurie on her way home in a crowded bus sees waiting outside at a bus stop a guy, THE guy, who looks up and meets eyes with her and instantly she's in love.  A moment passes and the bus goes on and then she hunts for him for a year and then finds him, but...  I don't want to give away anything. It's a lovely read.

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  1. I looked at that book in the book store while I was shopping. I am glad to read your review. I have always wanted to try Fisherman's rib stitch pattern. The scarf looks like it is going to be warm and handsome.

  2. That scarf looks like it will be super warm! I love the squishy look of it!

  3. The fisherman scarf design is so practical. I have yet to knit one, but I will.

  4. That is a pretty scarf! I'd like to knit one in bulky or worsted weight -- more knitting I know but I think I'd prefer a less bulky scarf.